When planning a holiday, there are many factors to consider, and there are even more since the events of 2020 have unfolded! From the type of holiday (whether it be relaxation, adventure or exploration) to the destination, to even the type of accommodation and where you will fly from, the questions all need answering before you can start to narrow down your search.

A view of a house

One other question that plays a role in every holiday type is the budget to which you will stick. Now budgets can, of course, be fluid, usually based on the perceived value the holiday will bring. For example, it might be worth adding a little extra to the pot if you really feel like the holiday will be exceptional and give you much more enjoyment than a less expensive one. 

So if you’ve decided that you wish to head to a private residence as opposed to a large hotel or a cruise perhaps, you’ll need to decide what level of accommodation you wish to stay in. Villa vacation rentals can differ significantly in standard and therefore if you’re questioning whether luxury Villa vacation rentals justify their cost, read on…

Stunning surroundings

When you pay a little more for your villa, it is often the case that you will genuinely be in nicer surroundings. Top-end prices mean top-end external areas from heated swimming pools to carefully manicured gardens. They can also include roof terraces, impressive barbecues, fire pits, areas to lounge in and dine al fresco. You are often treated to stunning views too and perhaps even an infinity pool.


This will depend on the type of holiday you are after. If you wish to be holed up for the duration and not see another soul, you could find a villa in a highly remote, and often beautiful, area. However, if you would like to be near to local attractions, you can find some even within walking distance. You might prefer seafront or even lakefront and all of these cost a premium which can be found in a luxury villa. 

Luxurious appointments

When choosing your luxury villa, the chances are you will find that there is a range of accessories and finishes within it that justify paying that bit extra. From high-tech entertainment systems offering all the bells and whistles to top-of-the-range appliances in the kitchen. Underfloor heating, air conditioning, fibre optic WiFi and more are often par for the course. 


Seclusion can be one of the reasons we wish to go on holiday – to not be interrupted or overlooked by others. This can be crucial to the enjoyment of a holiday, and this can be one of the benefits of staying at a luxury villa. It also doesn’t have to necessitate staying in an inaccessible, remote location either, unless you prefer to, that is! A luxury villa might cost a bit more, but when you look at what is included, you will soon see that it is well worth the money.

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