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Everyone would like a home that’s functional and easier to use. Here are some things that you can buy for your home to make life a little easier.

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Cordless Appliances

Cordless appliances are becoming more and more popular in the household nowadays, and it’s thanks to technology, that more appliances have the ability to operate without a cord linking to a power source. Many will operate via battery or via another form of connection, like Bluetooth, for example. The main cordless appliances that you should be buying to make life easier is a landline phone and a hoover. This means that you can take the phone in and out of rooms with ease so that you can continue doing things while on the phone. Hoovers that are cordless are much easier to navigate around the home without having to throw around meters of cord behind you. 

Rubber Brooms For Pets

Pet hair can be a nightmare to remove, but rubber has a great nack of getting hair that’s got caught up around furniture and carpets. These brooms have a better grip and can, therefore, collect the pet hair that you might not be able to see or pick up with your hoover. It makes the whole process a lot easier, and you don’t then need to spend so much time cleaning constantly. You can spend more time instead, living your life instead of picking up pet hair on a daily basis.

Window Wiper For The Shower

Do you know those window wipers that window cleaners use to wipe the windows clean and completely free from watermarks? Well, the same product can be used when it comes to shower glass. If you shower and don’t wipe the water off the glass, watermarks will appear, and that can be a pain to scrub off and have to keep up with. A simple wipe from the window wiper after every shower and you’ll have less to deal with over a short period of time

Amazon Echo Or Alexa

The PA systems like Amazon Echo or Alexa are perfect to have in the home for the whole household. It really is like having your own assistant, but it’s free to take advantage of. Whether you use it to answer questions that have stumped you or you want some music to listen to while making the tea, these handy machines are great to own. They don’t cost the earth too, and most apps that you use for your home appliances can connect up to your Echo or Alexa too. This means you can operate a lot of your home by merely saying a phrase or a word!

A Robot Cleaner

These robot cleaners have certainly advanced from the days where you had to program commands into them directly. Now they can go off of their own accord and keep your home clean throughout the day. Controlled by an app or by the device itself, you can set it to clean at certain times and have multiple ones that operate on each floor of your home.

Each of these can certainly make home life that little bit more blissful!

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