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Space is all around us, yet we can’t use most of it. The laws of physics have seen to that. But you can utilize more space than you might think and it can answer how to keep my house clean and really make a difference.

Whether you live in a multi-bedroom house or a single-bedroom apartment, space is always a premium. And although we can’t make more of it, there is a trick to making the most of it while it’s there. Wondering how to keep my house clean, this will help!

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Fittings and Fixtures

One of the most obvious things you can do is install space-saving furniture. Extra shelving, built-in wardrobes and storage cabinets can be placed in spacious corners or walled areas to make the most of the space that exists.

Vacuum Packing – how to keep my house clean

An excellent tool for saving up to 90% of closet space, vacuum packing is quick and easy. You can vacuum garments, pillows, linens and duvets. These can then be stored away, ready for when you need them. When I think about how to keep my house clean, vacuum packing is the way forward!

Declutter and Donate

Most of us have too much stuff anyway, and this is no more evident than the amount of clutter around the home. The mantra of decluttering is that if it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. But there are always people who could use things, so donate instead of throwing them away.

As Above, So Below

Modern furniture like wardrobes and cabinets have space on top of them and out of view. Also, beds, for example, may have space underneath. These are significant storage areas that can accommodate most items and won’t be seen.

However, if this isn’t an option for you, then might as well get an outdoor storage facility where you can store stuff you don’t need to use regularly. A personal storage unit is useful when you have so many things that can’t fit in your space.

Organize Drawers

If you go around your home and look in all the drawers, you will probably be amazed. There will either be loads of empty ones or cluttered drawers with stuff you don’t need – the man drawer being a prime example. So throw away this garbage and organize the things you need.

Rearrange Furniture

It might sound silly, but rearranging furniture can save lots of space in a room. First, think about where you place something and decide whether it is the best use of space relative to everything else in the room. For example, a couch in the middle of the room looks cool but takes up valuable space.

Tidy Up Cables

The scourge of modern computing, cables can all but usurp a desk. Not only does this look unkempt, but it can be dangerous by breaking wires. So instead, use cable spirals, cable tidies and catchment trays to organize your wires and free up space on your PC desk.

Encourage the Kids to Put Away Toys

Toys! If you have kids, then you know that toys get everywhere. Some toys are small, and some are massive. Toys are involved in over 40,000 accidents per year in the home, so get kids to save space and save lives by putting them away. When you think about how to keep my house clean it is always harder with kids but don’t give up!

Use the Walls

Walls are essentially free space. Use that space. You can make the most of the wall space by simply putting up some shelving and cabinets. These can store almost anything. You can also replace bedside nightstands with shelves and use the space underneath.

Don’t Buy Anything

This might be shocking to you, but don’t buy any new stuff. So many of us over-shop and buy things we don’t really need. Instead, take a step back and assess whether what you are about to buy is required, how it will use space and where you will put it. You may end up using more space that you don’t have.

Designate a Storage Area

One of the best uses of space is by designating a storage area. This could be a cupboard, a cabinet or somewhere in the basement. These are essential to store extra stuff like toys, seasonal items and canned foods. Place these in this one area to save space in others.

Use Existing Boxes

If you look around your home, you probably have boxes everywhere. And many of them are probably empty or have space. Shoe boxes are a prime example.

Shoe boxes are generally empty and can be used for storing things like bills, paperwork, photos and trinkets. Shoe boxes are perfect when you wonder how to keep your house clean, they stack well and store lots!

Buy Appropriately Sized Stuff

Given that two physical items cannot occupy the same point in three-dimensional space, you should try to buy the right size stuff. For example, not only does a 100 inch TV look stupid in a one-bedroom flat, it will take up half the room.

Hook Up

As mentioned, walls can be used for saving space, a great idea when you are thinking about how to keep your house clean. But you can also place hooks on walls and other flat surfaces. For example, hooks are great for hanging cables, kitchen essentials, shoes, robes and coats. You can also buy special hooks for holding up bikes and other large equipment.

Look for Space and Use It

Finally, be vigilant about space. While this is a comprehensive list, there are far more space-saving ideas that better minds will think of. Space is everywhere, so you just need to look for ways to use it. Look up, look down and if you see some space, use it. I have done a post about making space in a small house so do check that out too!

How to keep my house clean

You can find more home organization tips on the fuji files. I love their tips on how to keep my house clean.

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