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If you are spending more time at home now it can be easy to get frustrated by the seeming lack of space you have in the house. Luckily, if you can’t afford to move house then it isn’t too hard to make your home look and feel bigger and more spacious. Here are some tips to help and explain why you should improve, not move:

A room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

Making your home look more spacious with home improvements

Making sure windows, where possible, are large and largely unobstructed helps to make the space look and feel brighter. The more natural light in a room, the bigger it will look and feel.

Where possible, change doors to have a larger proportion of glass. For back doors, you could replace them with bifold doors from Stormclad. Adding all of this glass allows so much more light to flood in! I have seen they have some lovely examples in their showrooms before. Check out your local showroom, mine is Wheatcroft Notcutts Garden Centre, Nottingham. They also have a buy now pay later scheme, so you don’t have to worry about a big outlay right away.

Go for an open-plan layout in your house where possible. Without internal doors light and air flow through the house and it is easier to feel like your home is bigger. Do be careful though as this can also make it more expensive to heat the house.

Consider built in furniture in alcoves where possible to utilise the space well and ensure other areas are more open plan and free from clutter.

glass dining table showing how it adds more light in the room and empty shelves in the background giving illusion of space

Using furniture to add more space

Use ceiling-high bookcases to store items out of the way instead of having clutter everywhere. This may seem to make little sense, but if you use the space well, you may need less furniture to store everything. More floor space means your room feels bigger.

Use transparent or glass furniture in places to give the appearance of more space. A glass dining table, for example, allows what is usually a large piece of furniture appear to blend in more and offers less visual obstruction in the room.

Make sure some shelves are not completely full and still have some visible space on. This helps the shelves look less cluttered which helps your room look more organised and spacious.

Use storage furniture with baskets or boxes to ensure that clutter is hidden from view. I love Ikea furniture for this. It means the clutter can be tidied away into boxes, leaving plenty of open areas, creating more space.

Choose furniture, such as sofas, in similar colours to the walls so that it blends in well and gives the appearance of space.

A bedroom with a bed and a window

Making your home look more spacious with accessories

Use block colours rather than patterns. If you can use solid colours more than patterns this helps a room to feel bigger and more spacious. Patterns really draw your eye into details and can sometimes make a space feel busy and cluttered.

Add mirrors in areas not too far from windows to help the light bounce around the room. If you add a big mirror to a room it can help reflect the light from the windows.

Choose curtains that are similar in colours to the walls and not bright colours. This helps the windows appear bigger. Also avoiding net curtains or blinds which stop the light properly entering the room makes a big difference.

Regularly declutter, if you don’t use it and it doesn’t add to the look of the room then you don’t need it; get rid! The less clutter you have, the more spacious your room will seem!

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