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It is so easy nowadays to make your home state of the art in appearance without having to spend too much on renovations. Here are a few things I would suggest if you are looking for a few ways to really improve your home without massive changes.

state of the art kitchen

Modernise the kitchen

It is so easy now to upgrade your kitchen by changing handles on cupboards and replacing the worktop you can have a new looking kitchen really easily. I have seen a friends kitchen modernised with some wrap for cupboard fronts and all done for around £30! It just goes to show you do not need to spend thousands on a new kitchen if actually the units are good condition and just need freshening up.

Updating the stairs and landing

A glass or stylish landing and balustrade can make all the difference in modernising the stairs. This is especially effective if your stairs are visible as soon as you walk into the house. Imagine the difference a modernised stairs area could make. Glass and stainless steel also gives the impression of more space so can open up an area nicely.

Using smart gadgets

Lights which turn on with voice activation linked to Alexa, a thermostat you can control from work so you arrive home to a warm house. All signs of a modern smart home and often can save money in the long term too. It is easy to look at a smart home with lots of gadgets and really see the state of the art appearance too with the best home technology. Definitely a good one to consider especially as Echo Dot’s from Amazon are so cheap!

Change soft furnishings

Updating your soft furnishings can be done really cheaply but make your home look so much more welcoming and stylish. A bedroom with new stylish bedding for example really changes the look of the whole room. Downstairs new scatter cushions on the sofa and a new rug can really change the look of the room. A few simple changes like this can be done in a day and suddenly make your house like a show home with minimal effort.


Sounds crazy I know but the less clutter you have around the better your house is likely to look. I am forever stashing things in boxes of baskets to try and hide them. It rarely works as I am a bit of a hoarder though. Ben is a massive hoarder so his bedroom is so cluttered. If you let him he would keep receipts for everything and wrappers/packaging for everything, just for the memory apparently.

A lick of paint

We are all guilty of having scuffs and chips in our paintwork. If I had time I would repaint the whole house. It is a relatively cheap job to do, just very time consuming. Freshly painted walls and woodwork always make a house look so much nicer don’t you think?

What tips do you have to make a home more state of the art and modern? Any you would like to share?

Making your home state of the art

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