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There is no doubt that right now the farmhouse look is as fashionable as can be. Of course, if you want to get this look in your home, carrying it out with a modern edge is a great option, one that balances the relaxed feel with that homey vibe. Happily, you can read the post below to find some easy ways you can achieve precisely this look in your home. 

White brick wall with a few simple vases and frame

White and textured walls

I would say that the foundation of the modern farmhouse look is white walls. That’s not to say that you can’t have any other colour if you like. It’s just you will find many homes and rooms styled primarily with white walls, and with white furniture as well. 

There is, of course, a good reason for this. That is by using white through the home, you can create a wonderful sense of space and light. In fact, you can even make a small dingy space look larger and brighter. 

Additionally, for that added rustic feel combining this white colour scheme with some added texture can work well. What this means is a rougher finish plaster on the walls, or even exposed, or whitewashed brick and timber will give you the perfect, relaxed, modern farmhouse vibe. 

Invest in the right pieces of furniture

Next, to achieve the modern farmhouse look in your home, you will need to pick a few choice items of furniture. Ones that are not only practical but look the part as well. Happily, there are a few obvious choices that stand out here. 

The first is to take a look at the farmhouse style beds on the market and choose one that fits well with your bedroom. In fact, an iron bedstead, especially if a lighter colour can work exceptionally well here. The reason being that it will give you the perfect vintage feel. 

Choose vintage floral fabrics and soft furnishings

Of course, paying attention to the fabrics and the soft furnishings you choose is essential here as well. In fact, there are two things to look out for. The first is the pattern of the fabric, something that needs to be vintage style with delicate florals or sailor-esque stripes. 

Additionally, you need to think about the finish of the fabric as well. That is, you can now get material that looks worn, aged, and a little washed out. Something that can help to lend a much more subtle and authentic feel to a modern farmhouse vibe.  

Accessorise sparingly and carefully

Finally, the crowning glory of any modern farmhouse home is the accessories and ornaments you choose to decorate with. A word of warning to the wise here, less is definitely more, so don’t go over cluttering your space. 
Instead choose some simple and iconic modern farmhouse style pieces such as a jug and bowl for the bedroom, and rustic decorative plates for the kitchen or dining room. Rustic decorative objects in wood, white, or neutral finishes are an excellent option for the modern farmhouse look as well.

Get The Modern Farmhouse Look In Your Home - 4 Easy Ways

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