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Have you heard of the Motability scheme? It is where people with disabilities which affect their mobility can use their benefits to pay for a car or other mobility equipment on lease. This is perfect for those who need adaptions to their car and cars are maintained and serviced by Motability. This is done using the weekly fee which is deducted from the benefits.

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The scheme does not just include cars. It also includes powered wheelchairs and portable scooters for adults. Essentially it helps people with disabilities to get out and about where they normally would have struggled.

Did you know you can get individual disability income insurance – Breeze is a company that does this and it is a way to insure your income in the same way as employed people can get life insurance much more easily.

What is the Motability scheme all about?

The Motability scheme is great. We have had a Motability car for Ben which is so helpful. Many people believe that people on benefits just get a free car but this is not the case.

The mobility element of the disability living allowance or personal independence payment is used to pay for the vehicle, scooter or powered wheelchair.

Other benefits such as war pensions can be used too, check the Motability website for full details. This is usually around £48 a week. The flexibility it allows instead of buses, taxis etc for people unable to go out far otherwise can be life-changing.

The scheme is for adults and children who receive the Mobility element of benefits at a higher rate. The other element people can receive due to disabilities is the care element. This is not affected by Motability and you can not use the care component for a Motability vehicle or similar.

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Where can you get a Motability vehicle?

If you are looking for a car, minibus or wheelchair-adapted vehicle using the Motability scheme you can go to most new car garages and discuss your needs. Motability can also send you a list of vehicles you can choose from and the adaptions available.

If you are looking for a powered wheelchair or scooter the process is different. The cost is usually lower per week depending on your needs. Of course, also a car showroom is unlikely to have powered wheelchairs or scooters! There are a number of specialist dealers for scooters and wheelchairs to meet your needs.

Millercare is one of the approved dealers on the scheme. The advisers at Millercare can help you find the scooter that is suitable for you. Whether you need one you can get lots of shopping in or one to fit into a small shed if you have no storage space indoors.

Your dealer will also look at your height, weight and usage to find the perfect one for you. They even have a contact form here if you want to start an enquiry.

Remember whether you chose a car or scooter all maintenance is covered by the Motability scheme along with tyres, servicing, breakdown and insurance. It really is hassle-free.

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