As usual for my gift guides, this selection of gift ideas includes items I have been sent to share with you for Mother’s Day gift ideas. I do however only share ideas I genuinely love myself and do turn down ideas that I do not think make good gifts.

As an example, this year I was offered oven cleaner and period pain relief! Neither of which I consider gifting suggestions suitable for Mother’s Day! I wouldn’t be happy to get these anyway!

Here are some lovely gifts that I would be happy to receive or someone I know would be happy to receive. Buying for a mum can be difficult. Check out all these ideas for your mum or a woman in your life.

perfectly imperfect mum book

Food and drinks gifts for mum

A bottle of sea arch on a table

Are you wanting a nice drink for a mum who does not drink alcohol or is trying to reduce calories? Then Sea Arch is perfect. It’s a calorie-free, non-alcoholic spirit that is inspired by the sea.

It should be enjoyed like gin with tonic and lemon over ice for the perfect refreshing drink. If you are buying for someone who follows Slimming World then Sea Arch combined with diet tonic water is completely syn free! It is available in a gift pack with a 25cl bottle of Sea Arch and 2 cans (150ml) of Double Dutch skinny tonic for £19.95 on the Sea Arch website.

A close up of a bottle of mooze

Is your mum reducing alcohol but really doesn’t want to go completely alcohol-free? If that is the case then how about Mooze? At 12% this has a lower alcohol level than gin but has a very similar taste. Legally though it can’t be called gin, merely because of the alcohol level. Otherwise, it is essentially low alcohol gin!

The brand name Mooze comes from combining moderation and booze, allowing you to drink in moderation but still have booze! The calorie content is much lower than standard gin with a 25ml measure coming in at just 18 calories or 1 syn if you follow Slimming World! Buy Mooze for £19.99 for a 70cl bottle from the Mooze Booze website.

slingsby gin cans

Would you prefer to gift some Gin Spritz as a ready-mixed drink? These cans are just 70 calories each so if you follow Slimming World, 3.5 syns each. Each can has an ABV of 5% which is pretty good too. If these would be the perfect gift for your mum, grandma or whoever you are buying for this year, they are available in the Spirit of Harrogate shop for £7.50 for a set of three.

A close up of a miniature bottles of gin

Have you seen me sharing Mermaid gin before from the Isle of Wight Distillery? I have to say it is amazing! This lovely gift set is a selection of their two mermaid gins and the Mermaid salt vodka. If you fancy buying a nice mixture this gift set is perfect and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

This trio is £16.50 directly from Isle of Wight Distillery where they also have bottles of their gin with glasses in gift sets and all their other tasty products!

A bottle of rum

Is your mum more of a rum fan? This Hawksbill Caribbean spiced rum is a lovely gift. It is something a little different and it comes in a nice looking bottle too. A recommended serving suggestion is 50ml of Hawksbill Caribbean spiced rum, 25ml lime juice, 25ml passionfruit syrup, 25ml orange juice and 10ml grenadine. Simply shake the ingredients with ice and finish with an orange slice and cherry.

If this would be the best gift for your mum it is available from a variety of stockists including Master of Malt, Drink Supermarket, Drinks & co, Spirit of Harrogate and Amazon for £23.

chilli oils

Are you buying for a mum who loves spicy foods? This set of chilli oils would make a great gift. This set includes habanero chilli oil along with two infused habanero chilli oils. One is infused with basil and the other with rosemary.

To buy these for your mum go directly to the Eh-Co website where you can find this trio for £14.97. Larger bottles are available if you prefer.

tea gift tin

Do you wish you could make your mum tea and biscuits for mother’s day but can’t because of lockdown? This gift set from Proper Goose includes a variety of tea bags and biscuits you can send directly to your mum so she can enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit!

The set includes 4 individually wrapped biscuits and a selection of 8 different tea bags, again individually wrapped. If you fancy buying this gift then pop over to the Proper Goose website where this tea and biscuit tin is £18.

A pampering gift

coconut hair creme

Do you have a mum who is frustrated with her lockdown hair and looking for solutions to make it look amazing without going to the hairdressers? The Hola Coco hair mask is a coconut oil-based hair mask. It gives a fresh from the salon look in just 15-20 minutes.

This 500ml tub is vegan as well as sulphite and cruelty-free so it’s perfect for so many people and great for their hair too. Made predominantly with shea butter and coconut oil, it is mostly natural too. If this is the gift for you then pop over to the Hola Coco website where this tub is £29.99.

nursem cream

Have you seen me mention Nursem products before? It is a brand I really love. They have lovely hand washes, moisturisers and other skincare products. This is a lovely gift set. The day and night unfragranced gift set is £24.99.

Nursem donates to nurses and people working in healthcare for every item purchased. I love this as there are so many people working in healthcare with sore hands due to constant washing and cleaning, etc. They last well too as only a small amount is needed for each use.

bampton house bundle

Do you want to give your mum a bit of a spa experience from home? This spa pamper collection from Bampton House is available from It Won’t Cost The Earth. This brand focuses on thoughtful, eco-conscious gifts that come from small businesses and are kind to the earth. For every order, they pay for 1kg of rubbish to be cleared from the oceans.

This Bampton House spa set includes an organic cotton washbag, calming bath salts, happy mind body scrub, positive mind-body oil and a rosemary lane candle. The set is £48 directly from It won’t cost the earth.

For a new or expectant mum


Have you seen teething necklaces before? This is a lovely colourful one from Chewie Cat, a brand that focuses on teething items for babies and toddlers. This necklace is for mum to wear and the youngster to chew on when needed.

If you fancy buying a mum-to-be or new mum this necklace then pop over to the Chewie Cat website. This necklace is called Amy and is £9. £1 from every sale is donated to Tommy’s charity. Whilst you are on their site do check out the personalised clothing for little ones and teething rings, etc, too.

two perfume sticks

These two lovely scent sticks are a perfect gift. The Zest stick on the left is ideal for mums to be. The scents are formulated to help with morning sickness and promote relaxation so they are perfect for the hospital bag. The ‘Joy’ stick, on the left, is formulated for new mums to help uplift you when you’re tired. It is also safe for babies so you can have it around the new baby without worrying.

These scent sticks are £10 each and are available from Mama Baby Bliss which also stock a variety of skincare products for mums and babies.

Something to make you feel good

note cards and book

Does your mum like stationery and notebooks? These lovely goodies are from Nettlefold, a lovely brand with a heartwarming story. The owner of the brand, Zoe, discovered that when she was young her Grandad had written poems for her. Lines from these poems are used with stunning artwork to make gorgeous gifts, art prints and cards.

This happy pack includes a notebook, eight greetings cards and a keepsake token and is available for £30. It’s a great present for mum. If you are sending it directly to your mum they also offer gift wrapping for £3 extra. Check out the Happy Pack and all their other gifts, I promise you will love them as much as I do!

motivation cards

These lovely affirmation cards from Natalie Trice are stunning and will definitely help your mum if she struggles with confidence and needs a bit of a push to put herself first more often. The quality is great and the set contains 31 cards. I just didn’t want to spoil it by showing you them all!

If these are the perfect gift for your mum do pop over to Natalie’s website where she sells these and also works as a business and career coach. The set of cards is available either boxed or unboxed for £9.99.

motivation cards

Sometimes you just wish you could be by the sea, don’t you? Do I sound like I am describing your mum? If so, these Sea Soul Blessings could be a great gift for her. Check this set out here.

The gift set, as shown above, is £21, plus £3.75 postage from Sea Soul Blessings and includes small cards and a little booklet of inspiring affirmations to help mum pause and connect to the ocean to make positive changes. They are great for yoga, journaling, meditation and helping her boost her wellbeing.

Something personal

photo book

I love photo books and this one is full of pictures of Ben from baby up to around age 10. Available from the Vistaprint website, this photo book can be made with as few or as many photos as you choose. The images can be arranged in a variety of templates to make sure they look just perfect.

This particular photo book is hardback and has around 40 photos in total inside but you can make it however you like. The front and back cover also have photos which I love too. Check out the range and prices here.

picture of a large tall building

How about a photo canvas print of one of mum’s favourite photos? This one is from Asda photo and is of lovely quality. I know that my mum will love it when I give it to her. I was tempted to get a photo of her with me as a baby but I don’t have many and didn’t want to ask her for one!

The canvas can be either portrait or landscape and can really be of whatever takes your fancy. It comes with fittings too so it is easy for mum to put straight on the wall! Check out the range from Asda Photo here.

nursing watch

Are you buying a gift for a nurse or someone who works in a healthcare setting? This watch for a nurse is from the Engravers guild and can be engraved to your preference to make it extra special. It really is stunning and would be welcomed I am sure by anyone in that kind of setting who would like a stylish yet useful watch.

If this would be the perfect gift for your mum you can buy it for £39.95 with complimentary engraving directly from Engravers Guild here.

A gift to remind her she’s amazing as she is

perfectly imperfect mum book

If your mum isn’t perfect but is perfect just as she is then this book, Perfectly Imperfect Mum is a great book and a really thoughtful gift. It shares the usual mum issues such as whether you should ask parents to stay at your child’s party and concerns over your mum tum. The book shares yoga and mindfulness tips as well as true honesty of how you can deal with the issues that crop up as a mum.

If this book would be the perfect gift you can buy it on Amazon and even get it the next day with Prime so perfect for those last-minute gifts!

Sometimes it is the simple things that can help make your mother feel special. If there is one thing that all mothers love, it is cake. Do you know what they like more? Cutting a Mother’s Day cake and eating it with the entire family.

If you want to surprise your mother on Mother’s Day, get her a cake with a personalised message. For many of us that stay in different cities or countries, you can buy cake online and get it delivered to your mother. This is sure to make her feel special. 

A poem

poem and earrings

This poem postcard by Natalie Carr from Athena’s Bounty and lovely earrings are a perfect gift for a mum who likes something personal. Athena’s Bounty have a lovely variety of gifts

Check out the variety of cards, jewellery and other gifts at Athena’s Bounty here.

Gifts for young ones to read with mum

peppa pig book

If you have a youngster who likes Peppa pig then this is a lovely book to buy them to read with mum. It is currently £4 on Amazon or on the 2 for £7 deal.

spot book

For younger ones who love Spot the dog how about this book, Spot loves his mum? You can buy it for £5.39 on Amazon. They also sell a similar spot loves daddy version if you fancy buying both!

So, what are you buying for your mum this year? Do comment and let me know. Maybe you are ordering flowers or sending a box of chocolates? If you prefer to make something, check out simple homemade Mother’s day gift ideas and see what you would enjoy making!

If you fancy something a bit different how about a beef jerky flower bouquet, That is something I imagine she has never received before! Check them out on

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