Are you a bit like me and leave things like Mother’s day until the last minute in a panic? I thought I would do something different, instead of sharing a gift guide in advance like other bloggers. I have done one for people like me who have got to this weekend and panicked!

Here are some ideas you will love that are special but easy to get at the last minute! Remember that Mother’s day this year is 22nd March!

A pamper gift

Rose gourmand bath products

These lovely toiletries from the Fiona Cairns Rose Gourmand range are a great gift. Did you know Fiona Cairns made the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding? Her bathing range is inspired by her love of English gardens, roses and hot relaxing baths. A great gift for a mum needing relaxing at the end of a busy day. With items from £5 you can get a bundle as small or big as you choose.

A gift for an older mum

Doro 6620 mobile phone

Doro phones are easy to use and are specifically designed for use by over 65s. The handset is easy to set-up and designed to keep users connected and safe wherever they are. If you are buying for an older lady who would love to be in more contact with the family but is unsure of using a fancy model this may be perfect. This model is £90 on the Doro website and I even have a giveaway for one now.

A homemade gift

Square plate painted by a child saying a perfect greek landscape

If you are feeling creative or unsure what to get your child to give to their mum then look no further. Could you go to a local centre to decorate a plate, money box or similar and make a truly unique gift? This lovely plate was made by Ben recently and stands pride of place in the lounge.

bath bomb factory

Another idea for a gift for a child to make for their mum is this Bath bomb Geode factory from Canal Toys. There are a selection of items available in the range most toy shops or even supermarkets should have them and in an afternoon your child has made a lovely unique gift for their mum.

For a mum with plans

cut the crap and feel amazing

Does your mum, or the lady you are buying for, love self-help books? This book, Cut the Crap and feel amazing by Ailsa Frank is a lovely gift. Available as a last-minute gift with Amazon Prime you could even order it Saturday and just about get away with it! Available for £6.59 on Amazon.

Something Edible

Joe Sephs sauces

Are you making a meal for your mum and want something unique? These tasty sauces from Joe & Seph’s are the perfect addition. At £5.99 each, they won’t break the bank either. Check them out on the Joe & Seph’s website.

Joe Sephs gourmet popcorn

While you are on Joe & Seph’s website how about some gourmet popcorn? These look like lovely gifts and who wouldn’t like some tasty popcorn as an alternative to a box of chocolates?

More joe sephs gourmet popcorn

If you have left it really late and want a gift check out the Prezzybox shop I recently wrote about at Strensham services for a variety of gifts including Joe & Sephs popcorn, gourmet chocolate pizzas and lots more.

Sarah's honey set

This gorgeous honey from Mileeven is a lovely gift and very unique. Check out the range on their website for some amazing tasty honey’s you wouldn’t have even thought would exist.

For an inspiring mum

An art print of a silhouette of a woman

Is your mum a real inspiration but sometimes struggles to see that? The lovely art from Violet Aura Art all have amazing meanings. This one, for example, is that when women let go of what is holding them back is holding them back they can be truly powerful. Mounted prints are from £25 or greetings cards of the designs are a little less.

A book called the life I won by A J King

The Life I won is a book all about the life of the artist above, Mandy Nicholson, and how she overcome a difficult period in life. An inspirational story of how Mandy become who she wanted to be. Perfect as a gift for someone who really needs to see how amazing they can be. Check it out on Amazon here and it is even available on Amazon Prime!

Truly last-minute gifts

Gulian chocolates

Don’t panic if you are only looking for ideas after it is even too late to order anything online or pop to most shops. All is not lost so don’t panic! Petrol stations are likely to have a nice box of Guylian which are always welcomed by mums aren’t they?

homemade cake with jam in the middle and strawberries on top

Another easy last-minute option is to bake a cake!

What are you buying for your mum this Mother’s day? Are you stuck on Mother’s day gift ideas? Maybe you didn’t even realise it was close? If you have someone close to you who does not have a mum then perhaps buy them a gift to show them you are thinking of them? This would also be a lovely idea for someone who has lost a child.

Do you have any last-minute ideas to share with anyone struggling?

If you found this helpful please share!

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