Most people say that moving house is one of the most stressful life events most people encounter. I have moved house a number of times and actually quite like moving house. I don’t find it stressful and thought I would share with you some tips to help it to be less stressful for you.

piles of boxes
Boxes for moving house

I really believe you can move house without too much stress and here are my tips of how you can do it whatever your family circumstances.

My 10 moving house tips

Make sure your wheelie bin is always utilised the best you can. Throw things out you no longer need but save any boxes and bubble wrap.

Start looking at moving house costs as soon as possible. House moving costs can vary greatly so the sooner you shop around. Check whoever you chose is insured adequately. A “man with a van” may not be insured.

A moving checklist

We suggest that you begin by first producing a moving checklist. This may change a little if you are renting and Rentola United Kingdom can help advise on that. You write down all the stages that you need to plan for where you make decisions on who does what such as:- 

1) Who is going to sell your property?

2) Which lender-approved conveyancer are you going to use?

3) What type of survey do you require a homebuyer or structural?

4) Will your home insurance cover the new property on the exchange of contracts?

5) Do you need a removal firm?

6) What Stamp Duty Land Tax is applicable?

The above 6 points are just the basics. To get an idea of the costs involved, we would use online comparison websites. You probably do a similar task when you are hunting out the best deal for broadband and home insurance.

You will find many comparison-type websites, be careful as they do differ. A reliable moving service platform like WhatManandVan will help you compare prices of man and van in London and choose the one that is within your budget. 

Other moving costs

Some have hidden costs so comparing the quotes is not easy, some want your contact details upfront, which can be annoying as you will get calls and emails from individual firms wanting your business.

We checked out the Homebuyer conveyancing website. You can browse like-for-like conveyancing quotations without entering your personal details and filter your results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.
By doing the above you can cost out each important stage resulting in a moving home budget. We all worry about unforeseen costs and this suggested cost-moving-home checklist helps to sort that out.

If you have young children pack their favourite toys and bedroom items in a separate box. Mark this to ensure you know which box it is. This is the first one you should open in their new bedroom. Anything else can wait.

Don’t throw away old rugs until after you have moved. They can be used to protect your new carpets during the move. Especially important if it is bad weather.

Bubble wrap anything you wouldn’t want to get damaged. Alternatively use sheets, towels etc where possible.

padlock on garden shed

When packing up the house remember to take into account the time it will take to pack up the shed and garden. Do this when the weather is good. If you end up leaving it and having to do it on a rainy day you will regret it.

Don’t forget to empty the loft. This may sound crazy but in one house move, I left a Christmas tree and decorations. I didn’t even realise I had forgotten until the following Christmas!

Pack a box of cleaning items separately to unpack when you arrive at the new house if needed. In this box also pack a torch, screwdrivers and WD40 they could make all the difference!

If you can get someone to look after your child/children while you move it will be worth it. Whatever it costs this is definitely something to look into!

Look into house insurance and how it can be changed over efficiently. If a house looks half empty or like someone is just moving in it could be a target for thieves and imagine the stress if you were not covered!

Don’t forget to plan for any internet downtime too.

Have I missed any?

What tips do you have for someone moving house? Do you have any suggestions for other ways to make it stress-free?

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