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If you’re moving house, you know how stressful it can be, between packing, picking the home removals company for your move and ensuring that you have everything packed. It can also be exciting and terrifying, especially if you’re moving to a new country or state.

It’s a big adventure for families who are looking at starting a new life somewhere different. About 366,000 households moved to other countries and cities in 2016; however, the number is different for every country. What remains similar is the stress that mounts if you are moving with children. 

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Why moving is stressful for children

Some families may experience difficulty moving with their children because of the emotional issues accompanying such a significant life change, while some children can find it difficult to accept the transition.

According to Very Well Mind, a life stressor such as moving house could significantly affect some children depending on the circumstances surrounding the move. It could lead to them experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.

Parents must take the opportunity to make the transition a little easier on their kids, so they can begin settling down and getting used to this new environment.

Fortunately, parents can make moving to a new house a little less stressful for their little ones. Here are 4 tips that can help make transitioning to a new home a little easier for children. 

Talk to them about the move

Communication is vital. Whatever the reason for the move, talking to your children and explaining the situation can help them understand a little more about what’s happening.

It could also give an insight into what they might be feeling about having to move. They could be worried about things changing, and they’re feeling scared and nervous.

It could be that they’re sad about moving to a different city and will miss their friends and school. Sitting down with them and just talking them through what will happen and making plans for the future could help take away that fear and nervousness they might be experiencing. 

Make moving an adventure

Parents might aim this towards younger children, but making the move feel like an adventure could help them get into the spirit of things.

Playing and planning games and getting them involved in the moving experience could help to distract them and make relocating exciting.

You can even treat them when you’ve reached your new home with takeaway! 

Let them pick out their own rooms

Remember that a new house is an exciting new thing, so allow them to explore it. It helps them to become familiar with their new home and makes it less scary for them.

While they are exploring, encourage them to pick out a room for themselves. This could give them a feeling of owning their space since they picked it out for themselves.

You can even help them decorate their new room the way they want it, so they have somewhere in the big new house to feel comfortable. It can also be helpful if they ever need space when things become overwhelming.

Help them to make memories

During this time they will miss their friends and even become homesick, help them to make a memory book which could give them a piece of their old home to take with them.

At the end of the book, leave enough space for them to make new memories and encourage them to fill them out so they can have fond memories of the new house. 

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