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Many foreigners call resorts in Turkey a small paradise on earth. Indeed, this assertion is well founded. Three hundred sunny days a year, picturesque nature, sea, mountains, beautiful beaches, and a highly developed infrastructure.

With comfort, and entertainment for every taste create an attractive picture of life and recreation, filled with exceptionally positive emotions and impressions.

Today, many investors from abroad want villas in Turkey with a pool and by the sea. The market offers everyone the to buy quality housing by the sea in Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Bodrum, and other resort towns on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts.

Luxury real estate in Turkey is one of the most sought-after categories of Turkish real estate at all times and regardless of changing economic conditions. It includes different types of objects, including luxury villas.

Such housing is purchased much less frequently than the economy and standard class objects, as it is intended for a narrow segment of investors with a high-income level and an appropriate status.

Houses and villas in Turkey are built according to new technologies from high-quality buildings and finishing materials, equipped with modern appliances, designer renovation and well-groomed house territory.

Statistics confirm that the demand for premium-class real estate has increased in the Republic of Turkey in recent years. People in business, film, and show business artists from many countries acquire property with the status of elites.

It is worth noting that anyone can buy such housing at any cost since, according to the state’s laws, foreigners do not need to confirm the source of their income.

The main advantages of Turkish real estate

1.  High return on investment

With a well-chosen property, investing in real estate in Turkey will provide a high return on investment, which, among other things, is supported by developed tourism and an extremely high demand for housing.

Tourist seasons are considered the most profitable. At this time, the rental yield can reach 12% or more.

2.  The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship

In Turkey, you can get citizenship by investing in real estate. You must purchase an object worth $250,000 or more to do this.

It doesn’t matter what kind of object it will be: an apartment, a house, or a shop. This opportunity has become a strong incentive for foreigners interested in moving to a sunny country.

3.  Government support

Another advantage of investing in Turkish housing is the support from the government and the introduction of new initiatives aimed at investors.

As a result, many real estate promotion campaigns have been organized in Turkey. The largest of them offered the sale of apartments in instalments for up to 240 months.

Main activities carried out in the context of stimulus measures:

  • advance payments for those wishing to buy housing in instalments were reduced, and the percentage was removed from 25% to 20%;
  • foreigners and expatriates were exempted from value-added tax when buying property;
  • Turkish law grants a foreign investor the right to obtain a residence permit for the purchase of real estate for the owner and his immediate family;
  • deciding on the right to obtain citizenship for the purchase of real estate from $250,000.

4.  A lot of opportunities in the Turkish market

The Turkish market opens up many options for buyers and investors, and this diversity is one of the main reasons for the strength and distinction of Turkish real estate.

In many ways, these opportunities are associated with the unique location of the country, its nature, and climate, thanks to which housing here can be rented out all year round.

5.  The cost of real estate is lower compared to European countries

The cost of real estate in Turkey is significantly lower than in Europe, with the advantages of infrastructure and amenities close to the developed countries of Europe.

In the Republic of Turkey, you can find houses and apartments for any budget, and they will have all the necessary amenities and infrastructure within easy reach.

A proven database of real estate in Turkey at developer prices is available on the Turk.Estate website. To select an object for individual requests, contact the company’s specialist.

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