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Now I am officially self employed and loving working from home I really would love a proper office. We have been talking about making space in the spare room for me to work from or an area downstairs. My dream really would be a garden office though. Not a converted shed, not just sitting outside on a nice day but a real office that just happens to be in the garden. I have seen some great ones too! So what makes my perfect garden office?

Garden pots on a patio with plants in them

I have seen some amazing garden offices online. My favourites though are the garden buildings for sale from GBC group. If money was no object and neither was space here are my specific wishes for my garden office. If any of you readers care to pay for one for me do feel free! Otherwise I will keep dreaming and hope that one day the dreams come true!

It really must be wooden – I couldn’t imagine a garden office looking and feeling right if it wasn’t.

I would love it to be warm in the winter without needing to bring heaters in so maybe some kind of under floor heating or similar.

The office would need big glass doors on the front that I can open when the sun is out and listen to the birds whilst I am working. Glass doors would be perfect and still let the light in when they are shut.

I would need a good internet connection in the office and mobile phone signal but otherwise I would avoid anything else electrical except for making drinks.

Who works without a cuppa? I certainly like a drink whilst I am working so a great addition would be one of those machines that have instant boiling water when you need it, preferably completely plumbed in so I never have to worry about things like that.

A toilet would be pretty handy too so I wasn’t constantly going back and forth to the house – pelvic floor isn’t as it was when I was younger!

Maybe a small fridge too for cold drinks on a warm day. Before I know it I will want a while kitchen in there!

Whilst I would have a desk and comfortable desk chair in there I would have a relaxing chair too. A rocking chair to sit and relax on whilst I am thinking things through or taking a break from screen time would be perfect.

I would love plant pots just outside the big doors with scented plants in such as lavender but nothing too attractive to bees!

What would you have in your ideal garden office? Would you want it to be quiet or would you want more distractions in there? Would you also like a comfortable chair? Maybe you couldn’t imagine being in the garden in an office and would rather be in the house? Do you dream of things like this too when you should be working?

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