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I love talking about dream home ideas, I guess it stems back to childhood and reading fairy tales and thinking about the life of luxury I would get when I met my prince charming! Oh, why do we have to grow up and realise we have to work hard for things. What is outside the window of your dream home, other houses or acres of land?

red carpet on stairs leading up to an elaborate landing

Making our home a dream home

We are currently completely redoing our lounge-diner. Whilst we can’t make it bigger or change the layout in any way there are changes we are making to ensure it is perfect for us. Watch this space for updates on our new room as I am planning on sharing a lot of it on Instagram and here on blog posts. I am sure you will love the new sofa we have ordered!

Last week we were choosing paint for the walls which I then searched online to find the best prices for. I always love a bargain and it saved us about £50 so that can go in the pot for something else we didn’t know we needed!

Last year we did our garden, did you see my post about that? This year is the lounge and I am hoping next year we can focus on the bedrooms or maybe the bathroom or kitchen. Perhaps them all if we can earn and save enough!

Features of a dream home for the future

Some of my ideas of a dream home will have to wait until the future when we can afford to move somewhere bigger or perhaps win some money! I know I share my dream home with you a lot but I can’t help but dream!

Whilst, on one hand, I would love an old house with feature windows and a large staircase, on the other hand, I would like a modern house with lots of smart designs. I love the smart features we already have with lightbulbs and plugs we can turn on with your voice.

There are so many more features I would love like a spa room, an entertainment floor and some very specific rooms. I know a Scalectrix room would be pretty cool too! Can you image these floors and rooms all connecting with stylish lifts for home use, not the sort in shops but actually really stylish glass lifts?

Which specific rooms would you have? Would you have a cinema room? A spa room? What about a games room for computer gaming? I know Ben would love that he is a big gamer. Imagine space for proper VR equipment? What about a gym, would you have one of those too? I think I might actually as I would love a treadmill for the odd time I feel like using one but can not justify one at the moment as we don’t have space for it to just sit gathering dust 360 days of the year!

Would you choose an old home or a modern home if you had all the money in the world to buy one home with? Would you get a cleaner? I know I would!

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