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I would love a new house with a massive kitchen and much more space. Sadly however this week whilst I won some money it was only £6.90 so not really enough to make big changes!

I have been dreaming though of how I would transform our current kitchen and thought I would share them with you.

Amazing large kitchen with marble centre unit
This isn’t my kitchen but it looks gorgeous so wanted to show it to you!

In the absence of a massive architecturally designed kitchen like the picture above I would love to change a few things in our kitchen if I could.


I would love fresh new stylish worktops. My preference would be for marble worktops but I guess if I had the money I would go for completely marble units as above!

Worktops are relatively easy to replace and really change the look of a kitchen. Silestone worktops are stunning to look at and of course so easy to clean too as they don’t stain as normal worktops can.

By changing worktops you can really modernise an older dated kitchen and that is why I think they would be a perfect way to adapt the kitchen.

Hot water tap

I am forever fancying a coffee and boiling the kettle but then forgetting about it!

For this reason, I would love a hot water tap. Whilst I have a hot water dispenser I forget to fill it up! A tap that I can get installed and forget about would be the dream!

While we are thinking about water possibly some kind of tap that always has chilled water, again that does not need refilling. Perfect for all seasons and drinks.

Obviously if wine taps existed I may suggest one of those too!

A dishwasher

We don’t really have the space for a dishwasher and I generally do all the pot washing myself. That said Ben is getting quite interested in helping out with this which is a big bonus.

I would love space for a dishwasher though, and preferably a maid to do it all for me, Downton Abbey style!

More cupboard space

I am sure that whatever space we have, we naturally fill, I would love more space in the cupboards. Not that I am sure we need it but maybe we would use it and be able to bulk buy more?

I used to live in a house with a big pantry and loved it, it was always full but they are so useful!

Why did they stop building houses with a pantry? Maybe I should just live in an older house but I really can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want a pantry!

A big AGA oven

This is something I would truly love. Alongside a big Belfast sink, a perfect old fashioned but fully functioning modern style kitchen!

I love to cook and would love a massive oven to really get to work cooking numerous dishes in. Not that we really have space for a dinner party either but that would be the plan!

Pinterest pin of a open kitchen with marble surfaces

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