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I love driving and genuinely am happy to drive wherever I need to. That said I have never driven abroad and I am not sure I could cope with driving on the wrong side of the road! I have driven a few different cars but never had a proper sports car.

If I came into lots of money that would be one of my first purchases, along with a villa abroad and a good holiday. Anyway, I digress, in the real world what would my dream car be?

A car parked on the side of a hill

My car and my lifestyle

I live in a town just outside Nottingham. Whilst I do like to go away for weekends and drive long distances most of my driving is to the shops and back. If I was to have a lease car it would need to be perfect for this.

I currently drive a diesel car but I am starting to wonder if with many short distances, I would be better with unleaded. I am not sure if it would make much difference though, does anyone have experience with this?

As a small family, we do not need a massive car however Ben is a tall lad and his disabilities mean he struggles to get into cars without much space in the back. A high car like our current Citroen C4 would be perfect for him.

Perfect big cars for us

We have actually been looking at cars recently and found the Vauxhall Grandland X to be perfect for us. Another option may be the Qashqai. We are quite happy with the Citroen C4 we have but I like to change it! I last had a Vauxhall Meriva which was pretty good too.

Silly as it sounds colour is important to me as I am not great with cars so it is nice to have something I understand and can choose myself!

My current car is blue and the one before that was brown, I think I may go for red next time! At least when you lease cars you can change frequently!

We have a Motability car which is similar to leasing but only designed specifically for disabled people and their carers. If we didn’t have that I would definitely lease though as it is a great idea.

I need to motivate myself to keep the car nice and regularly clean and polish it, it never happens though! Check out the best car polishers for beginners and see if you have more motivation than me.

Check out the infographic below created by LeaseCar to share the current most popular lease cars. If you get attached to your dream lease car you’ll have to get rid of your current ride.

If you want a stress-free option you can use a company that will help you when getting rid of a clunker. They’ll handle everything from A-Z.

If you would prefer a used car check out this post.

A graphic about different types of cars

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