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We all have dreams don’t we? What we would do if we had some spare money! I am always dreaming and again I have been thinking this week of how my life would be different if I had a spare million or so! I have shared previously about my dream garden and my dream office. This time I thought I would share my dreams of how I would spend money just on myself.

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Changes to myself that money can buy!

Whilst I have no great self confidence I do not completely hate myself either. We all have dreams though of what we do would change about ourselves if we had the money don’t we? Here are some of the things I would do!


I would love to have work on my teeth my a good dentist. I hate them and only ever smile with my mouth closed. I would love them whitening, straightening and dental veneers potentially too!


I would love to have my hair done weekly and always feel like I had no hair out of place. I am not fond of going to the hairdressers and all the small talk to would probably aim to have a stylist who could come to my house (this would of course be a mansion if I had the cash!).


I hate my feet. I always have, I am size 9 in shoes this is probably just down to generally being tall etc. I would love some kind of magic to give me smaller feet or perhaps just some amazing shoes to fit me!

Items I would buy

Obviously there are so many items I would buy too if I had spare cash. Here are just a few.


I would love to buy a car that I like which doesn’t have to be suitable for family days out or the shopping. A car which is just for me to go out and relax in!


I would love for money to be no object and to go designer clothes shopping and choose anything I like. Imagine being able to ignore price tags and just choose things you love?


I would love to do the same with shoes. To go shopping and find any shoes I like, that fit me and buy them all! every one I like in every colour they stock, you know, just in case!

What would you buy if money was no object and you had to just spend it on yourself?

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