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Do you make the same new year resolutions every year? By the end of January have you given up? I know this is often me but I am determined this time. In 2014 I achieved all my new year’s resolutions including losing an incredible amount of weight, leaving an abusive relationship and spending more time looking after myself.

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Lose weight again

This year is going to be another 2014. I need to lose weight again, I am in a happy relationship so at least that one doesn’t need repeating but need to focus on self care again more!

Learn to swim

Other repeated New Year Resolutions this year are to learn to swim. I know I have said it before but I really want to achieve this before I am 40 in October! I need to find myself some Seriously Fun Swimming Lessons for Ben to give him more skills in the water and beginners basic lessons for me to overcome the fear!


Exercise more, yes I know I have done that one before but I have got lazy, and fat and need to focus on that again. Unfortunately due to my trip into hospital with my asthma this week it is on hold for a while but when I am well enough I need to start this again slowly. I want to do the Great North Run again, I want to do the London Marathon and I just want to feel great again. Maybe I should start with yoga?

Self Care throughout!

I will probably document all the above elements of my journey again for you all so do watch this space! I am aiming for starting this and the swimming one around early February but I will see how I am and take doctors advice as don’t fancy being in the hospital on oxygen again anytime soon! The consultant even said to me today that I could have ended up in ICU which is a scary thought! I must look after myself more!

Why do we never stick to resolutions? I guess maybe we just are not in the right place to stick to it when we fail? I’m determined that this time I am in the right place for it. Even if my lungs aren’t there yet! I am going to be slim and run again, but not at the expense of my overall health that would be crazy. For that reason, I think I will celebrate New Year with a drink when I am better after seeing the fireworks on A&E TV instead of at home! Then start as I mean to go on with all these plans! Does anyone know any swimming lessons in Nottinghamshire for people with an intense fear of drowning?

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