This article includes links I have been paid to include but all opinions are my own about New Year’s eve as a singleton.

It is so easy when you are single for New Year’s eve to feel like everyone else has plans and you don’t. There are so many things you can do though even if you are single.

Here are a few suggestions that may help you out.

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Go to the cinema

You do not have to be with anyone to go to the cinema. There are some great movies on at the moment and if you do not fancy a night out and have no one to go out with then maybe you would enjoy a trip out to the cinema on your own.

No strings dating

You do not have to be in a couple to have a bit of naughty fun for New Year’s eve. There are a number of sex dating sites which allow you to meet other like minded people. The difference is they help you find someone who also isn’t looking for anything serious. These sites help you find no strings dating partners for the night or for a long term no strings bit of fun. Whatever takes your fancy.

The local pub

Going to the local pub on your own can seem a little daunting but it could be a great way to make new friends or even a new partner in your local area.

Visiting family or friends

Spending the evening with family or friends who may be having a bit of a house party or get together is great. You won’t be going somewhere you do not know anyone and could meet new friends through them.

Go on Holiday

Do you even need to be home for New Year? How about booking an amazing holiday to somewhere like New York?

Watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks

London has amazing fireworks for new year but many other cities do too. There is no reason that you have to have a date to go to the fireworks. Be brave and go on your own and enjoy the display.

Go to a nightclub

By the time they are at the nightclub most people have lost their friends anyway, you could go alone and no one would need to know. If you worry about that just pretend you have lost your friends!

Pamper yourself

New Year doesn’t have to be all partying and drinking. Why not book yourself into a spa or have a home pamper evening. Whether you spend a few pounds on a face mask or hundreds on a spa it will be a nice relaxing end to the year.

Shop the sales

If you would rather be doing anything but drinking and partying then maybe shopping the new year sales is more your cup of tea?

Have an early night

Do you actually want to go out or would you prefer an early night with a movie and some chocolate on the sofa? Do what you want to do, it doesn’t matter if everyone else has partners and is going out if you would be happier at home then do it! Spend some time reflecting on the year gone by.

What do you like to do if you are single for New Year?

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