This year we have had a few occasions where we have booked a night away just for a nice relaxing break. If you haven’t done it before then you really should. The difference it makes to your mental health is phenomenal. Even taking the kids just gets you all a little family time away.

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The perfect destination for a night away

Whether you are looking for a family break or just the two of you there are some great places to go.

A hotel with a pool, sauna etc

If this is the sort of place you would like to go then remember that there are places other than spas. If you are not bothered about massages and similar and just want to swim, relax in a Jacuzzi or steam room then you can get cheaper than a spa.

Take a look online at hotels with a pool and see what you come across. There are some lovely ones for around £100 a night including breakfast. Always remember to check out the individual brand’s reward scheme. signing up for it can get you a good extra discount!

Another good option is to check Air BnB’s with a pool, jacuzzi or even an exercise swim spa.


If you want to go away and have a completely screen-free break then maybe camping is for you. Have you considered a camping pod? The Camping Bug site near Blackpool looks great because you get all the fun of camping without having to put up a tent, and a real bed!

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Things to pack for a relaxing night away

Here are just a few things I think you need to pack for a relaxing night away


I don’t wear makeup often but always feel better about myself when I do. Don’t forget to pack some makeup for a meal out to make yourself feel amazing.

Luxury bath products

Nothing helps you relax more than being away from home in a hotel soaking in the bath. Don’t forget to take products with you that are equally lovely. This Olverum bath set (pictured above) is perfect. The travel set means you are not carrying around a big bottle and if you go abroad the sizes are OK for that too.


If you are looking to stay in the bath for a long time or just want to relax at the bar, a book can help you to completely get away from your everyday thoughts. Just make sure that you get great quality glasses that don’t steam up quickly and have a couple of books packed just in case you don’t want a trashy romance novel but would rather a grisly detective book! A recent favourite of mine was The Fear.

Alcohol and a bottle opener

If you want to sit and have a relaxing drink in your room then taking your own is far easier and cheaper if you can. Whatever you do though don’t forget a bottle opener if you will need one! We have spent ages before hunting for a shop to buy a bottle opener when away! If you are drinking then remember to consider a taxi or perhaps splash out and get a limo? Wherever you are there is sure to be a limo company to meet your needs.

Swimming clothing

Remember to take a few sets of swimming clothing with you if you intend to do this as they might be hard to get them dry overnight in your room. Some places will sell it of course but why give yourself the stress?

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