Have you ever used a smart photo frame? I hadn’t until I was offered this one to review. The Nixplay Seed smart photo frame is so far from the digital photo frames everyone used to have with a memory card in. They allow you to basically send your photos and videos to it from anywhere in the world!

Nixplay Seed smart photo frame - shown boxed

What is the Nixplay Seed 10.1 smart photo frame?

If you have ever uploaded photos to Facebook or other social media platforms then this is the photo frame for you! It is just as easy to add photos to your smart photo frame wherever you are in the world using the Nixplay mobile app and wi-fi. It is even possible to add short videos of up to 15 seconds to the frame too. It even has a remote control to help you use it.

Nixplay Seed smart photo frame shown working with image on

What did I think about using a smart photo frame?

I must say I was surprised at how easy it was to set up. The whole process of setting it all up took around 5 minutes and within ten minutes I had a handful of photos on the frame and loved it! It really is the ultimate cloud photo frame. Create a Nixplay account and then you just upload photos to the cloud using the app and they go on to your frame!

I am forever forgetting to turn things off (sorry Stuart!) so I love that this smart frame has a motion sensor so it can turn on and off automatically. There is no need for memory sticks, memory cards or cables to your computer. Simply plug it into a standard household plug socket and connect to your WiFi.

Nixplay Seed smart photo frame shown working

What is the picture quality like?

It is incredibly hard to take a photo of a screen as I am sure you all know but I can assure you the quality is amazing. This particular model (Nixplay Seed 10.1) plays photos in a 16:10 high-resolution IPS display. Another model is available that plays in ultra-high resolution too if you want even sharper pictures!

Nixplay Seed smart photo frame instructions and remote control

Who would I recommend a smart photo frame for?

I absolutely love my frame and think they would be great for anyone. I especially think they would be a perfect gift for a parent or grandparent who does not often see all of their family. Anyone in the family could upload photos for them that way. Perhaps a great gift for those difficult to buy for men for Fathers Day? At £149 it will last years and think of all the money saved on framing all the school photos every year!

Nixplay Seed smart photo frame - A review

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  1. My family love a smart photo frame! My OH has a grandpa living out in Germany with ALS and he has a few smart photo frames that people have set up for him. He is away from us all so it’s a lovely way for him to see us all and we update it as we visit him. They’re really handy and this one looks great, the picture quality looks lovely.

  2. Oo this looks amazing! I take so many photos but never seem to find time (and always forget!) to print them off and put them in frames to display. This sounds like the perfect solution and so easy to upload and change photos etc. Love the motion sensor too as like you I never remember to turn things off lol!

  3. I used to have a frame like this years ago but the quality was nowhere near as good as this one x

  4. Wow, this looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to buy one of those digital frames for our bedroom or living room. This will actually make a fantastic gift as well! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  5. I always found the digital frames to be clunky with how you had to first load photos onto an SD card and then to change them you had to go back to your computer. This sounds like a lot more fun and better use for the digital frame concept!

  6. I think I needed something like this. I take so many photos in a daily basis. Having to put a little bit up this can level it up.

  7. Yes,my sibling gave it as gift to my grandparents. They aren’t tech savy but this is easy for them. This product is great to store wonderful memories and watch it anytime.

  8. With everything digital,now it is time to go for smart digital photo frames.Most of the time I forget printing photos but there are lot of digital copies in computer and phones.This is a good idea to display photos easily…

  9. I haven’t used one of these before. I should! I will look into this. I take a ton of photos.