Easter is traditionally actually nothing to do with chocolate, that said it has become common to swap chocolate eggs for Easter. These are my ideas for the best non-chocolate Easter gifts for all the family.

This article includes press samples I have been sent free of charge to share with you.

Non-chocolate Easter gifts for kids

If you are buying for a child who already will get more than enough chocolate then these gifts might help you to give them something different.

chocolate lolly maker

A chocolate lolly maker kit is a great gift for children who have lots of eggs and you want to encourage them to do something other than sit and eat them. They could use their eggs to make lollies for all the family or even for friends.

These chocolate lolly maker kids are available from a variety of stores including Amazon where it is currently on offer for £14.43.

Blopens in a box

If you want to buy them a gift that is nothing to do with chocolate then how about something they can do? This BLOPENS set is perfect for youngsters who lack the inspiration to draw but like to have something to show for their artwork.

By simply blowing into the pen they can create gorgeous airbrush-style pictures using the included stencils. There are a variety of kits available for all interests. This particular one is currently £12.73 on Amazon.

Easter crafts sets

Easter crafts not only are a great alternative to chocolate but would also keep young ones busy over the school holidays. These are just a few of the items available from Ryman. Check the Ryman website for even more ideas.

Kingdomania surprise ball

Surprise toys are all the rage with kids, these are some of the most popular at the moment. Disney Kingdomania from Funko Games is perfect for gaming obsessives as well as Disney fans, each level features cherished Disney stories and characters, but troublesome Glitches are causing chaos and mixing up the levels. Your task – patch the problems before they crash the game. 

Each Game Ball contains everything you need to play, including two mystery characters and 10 unique level tiles; combine multiple Game Balls to add more players and figures to collect and swap. Ideal for kids age 6+ a game ball is £8 and available from Amazon and Tesco.

Crayola pens and pencils

Crayola is a brand that has been around for a long time and is synonymous with quality crayons, pencils and pens. I honestly don’t think I have ever heard anyone criticise them. These washable markers and coloured pencils are perfect for an art-loving child for Easter. They cost around the same as a chocolate egg but last a long longer!

tsum tsums

For a youngster who loves blind bags and Tsum Tsums, these are a great little gift as an alternative to chocolate and with an RRP of £4.99 they are at a similar price point. Collectable and fun, would they be great for your youngster?

For little ones who are too young to need chocolate how about a nice developmental toy such as a walker? This one is so cute and would be a great buy that would last long beyond the Easter weekend!

Designed in Yorkshire by Little Bird Told Me, the adorable Peanut Pup Baby Walker is an ideal present that can be passed down for years to come. If Peanut Pup gets cold there is an optional reversible dog coat that can be purchased, which also protects from spills and stains. It is £109.95 from Little Bird Told Me. The dog coat to add to it is less than a tenner too so a good bargain!

Ping Ling

Ping Ling is a cute wind-up toy perfect for older children due to its small parts. Simply wind him up and watch him go crazy. “Ping-Ling / Pang-Lang” is a term known in Hong Kong to describe life in a state of chaos and general confusion.

A funny toy that will have you giggling for longer than you imagined! It is available from Kikkerland for £20.

Non-chocolate Easter gifts for families

For families, instead of buying a whole pile of chocolate eggs, these ideas may be perfect for the family to share.

tic tac twist game

This fun game is like a combination of tic tac toe/noughts and crosses and Twister. Perfect for kids age 6+ it is a great way for families to bond and move around in between eating chocolate. It is £20 from Kikkerland and will provide hours of fun!

Balloon kit

How much fun are balloons? Whether you have water balloons, modelling balloons or larger balloons they are fun and something that pretty much all ages can get involved with. I love the team-building game where you have to try and pass balloons between your knees to the next person. This book called 50 fun balloon activities is full of ideas for fun with balloons and will keep them entertained for hours and hours.

For £10.99 on Amazon you can buy the book and why not add a few packs of balloons too? There are balloons for all budgets and sizes including packs of eco-friendly balloons that biodegrade better than standard balloons.

Be sure to buy a balloon pump too if you are buying this for someone you love for their own sanity! Of course, if you are buying for someone who always buys your kids noisy or messy toys then you may happen to forget to give them a pump!

blanket or throw

Do they enjoy family nights with popcorn and a movie? A lovely blanket or throw such as this one from Bedsure, is available from Amazon. There are blankets in all textures and sizes so you are sure to find something perfect. Why not accompany it with a voucher to stream a film of their choice or some popcorn? Popcorn would be a great break from chocolate don’t you think?

What are your favourite non-chocolate easter gifts? Have I missed anything amazing you always buy?

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