As you guys know I live near Nottingham and I am pretty friendly. When I discovered that some new research says that Nottingham is the friendliest UK city I just had to share with you! This article written by Emma from giffgaff will be interesting reading from you I am sure.

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Is community spirit alive and well? Well, according to a recent survey by giffgaff it is. If you’re wishing to move somewhere with a strong community then why not move to Nottingham, which tops the list as the friendliest city in the UK. They also have some amazing places to visit and Nottingham has good tearooms too for afternoon tea! So friendly in fact that 98% of people in Nottingham would say that they are on good terms with their neighbours, which marginally beats other Cities such as Cardiff (97%) and Newcastle (96%). Interestingly, out of the top ten only three of the Cities were from South of the UK – Oxford, Brighton and Plymouth.

So what was voted least friendly? That would be Sheffield where only 1 in 6 (17%) admitted being friendly with their local community. So what makes a modern community?

Top 20 signs of community spirit

1. Sign for neighbour’s parcels                                                             72 %

2. Chat with neighbours over the garden fence                                    57 %

3. Keep an eye out when your neighbour’s go on holiday                    55 %

4. Bring in a neighbour’s wheelie bins after collection                          39 %

5. Peer over the fence if you hear something strange                          37 %

6. Like their posts on Facebook                                                            36 %

7. Take a look if their alarm is going off                                                 36 %

8. Donate to local charities                                                                    31 %

9. Attend local fetes and events                                                            27 %

10.  Trust people with your keys                                                               25 %

11.  Feed neighbour’s cats when they’re on holiday                                19 %

12.  Invite people over for drinks                                                              18 %

13.  Help people out on online forums                                                     17 %

14.  Drop in on elderly residents                                                              14 %

15.  Water neighbours hanging baskets if they won’t be home in time .  13 %

16.  Like your neighbour’s posts on Instagram                                        11 %

17.  Have a WhatsApp group with the neighbours/local community        11 %

18.  Take part in a fitness class                                                                  9 %

19.  Chat on a mums’ forum/group                                                             7 %

20.  Mow each other’s lawns when on holiday                                           6 %

21.  Take round meals for poorly neighbours                                             6 %

22.  Share the school run with other parents                                           6 %

23.  Give friends or neighbours your alarm code                                       5 %

24.  Babysit local children at a minute’s notice                                           5 %

25.  Run with a run club                                                                           3 %

What do you think makes a community?

Would you say you agree? Is there anything missing from the list? I personally wouldn’t class a running club as communal – I’d say that is torture (I kid, I kid..)

What about the online community? Interesting, according to the data 60% of people say they are more likely to connect with their community online than in person. Rest assured though, we are still a social bunch with 38% of those polled stating that the hub of their community is still the pub. Nice to know some things never change.

The Top and bottom lists are below.

Top 10 friendliest UK cities

1. Nottingham

2. Cardiff

3. Newcastle

4. Liverpool

5. Leicester

6. Oxford

7. Glasgow

8. Leeds

9. Plymouth

10.  Brighton

Top five least friendly UK cities

1. Sheffield

2. Bristol

3. Edinburgh

4. Norwich

5. Manchester

Did your City make the list? Do you agree or disagree with the results and what makes a community? Let us know below.

Nottingham is the friendliest city in the UK

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