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Whether you have a permanent remote job or you want to work on a personal project in your downtime, you need structure and routine. And these are only possible if you have a proper office where you can focus undisturbed.

The right space and the right office equipment can increase your productivity so you can take advantage of every minute you spend at your desk.

Working from the kitchen table can feel liberating when you first go remote, but it has major limits in terms of efficiency.

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Here are a few ideas and tips to help you create a productive office space in your home. 

Choose a Dedicated Office Area 

A space is productive if it can protect you from noise and distractions. Setting up your office in a tranquil area of your home is therefore imperative.

You don’t want to hear the TV or to have people walking and talking behind you while you work. Having an extra room in your home for an office is ideal, but rare.

Most people have to find alternative solutions; you can choose a section of the attic or basement in case you need a larger space, or you can also set up a corner desk in a quiet room if your work requires minimal equipment. 

Make a List of Must-Have Office Equipment 

After deciding where to set up your office, it’s important to define your needs for the office space. Do you plan to work from your laptop or use a monitor? This should determine whether you need a large desk or not.

An ergonomic chair is a must-have so you can keep a good posture while working. You may also need a printer and scanner. Head to to learn the differences between inkjet and laser printers and determine which type is best for your home office. 

Decorate Your Office Area 

Your office should be as appealing as possible because you will spend a lot of time there. Use plants, artwork, and lighting to bring out the aesthetic potential of your home office.

Ideally, this area should get direct natural light. You will feel much more productive in a well-lit space. If there’s no possibility to set up your office near a window, invest in a good office lamp.  

Designate a Separate Storage Area 

To feel that your office is a productive space where you can concentrate for long periods, you have to avoid clutter. Clutter will make your office look smaller and more crowded, meaning less attractive.

To maintain order and cleanliness, establish a separate storage area for office supplies, documents, and files. Perhaps you can keep things you don’t need very often in a closet or the attic.

You can also mount a few shelves on the wall above your desk to store items you don’t use regularly.

It’s much easier to find the motivation to get to work if you have a special space dedicated to productive time, so create a home office that reflects your needs and preferences. 

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