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A while ago I shared with you that I have a huge lump on my thyroid gland. In my post, I explained that the biopsy had been inconclusive and that the hemithyroidectomy and removal of the lump was the only way to find out what the lump was and if it is benign. If you missed that post and want to read all about that click here to go for a read. Well, now the time has come for my operation. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious about it! The reality is though it has to be done. The procedure will be carried out on 26th November during the morning so in less than 48 hours it should all be done!

multicoloured pile of tablets

My Hospital Bag

I am expected to be staying in for 1-2 nights so this weekend I am packing my overnight bag. This is something I have been putting off if I am honest as I am so anxious. I just want to forget how close it is! I would love any help if there is anything I have forgotten so here is my list. Have I missed anything?



Underwear and clothes

Phone charger

The medication I am already taking

Pen and Paper – The operation can cause voice problems afterwards!

My favourite fruit squash and water bottle


Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel etc

Hairbrush and dry shampoo (in case the wound is difficult to wash hair with!)

A book – so I don’t get bored.

Eye Mask so I can sleep if its too bright

Vaseline for my lips

Have I missed anything? I am sure I have but my mind is completely blank!

Recovery at home

When this horrible tumour, lump, growth, lesion or whatever you want to call it is gone and I am recovered enough to come home I will still be likely to be in pain. The wound is expected to be around 5cm or so long across my neck and as such getting comfortable may be difficult. I can not drive for a fortnight, wont be able to do strenuous things or lift heavy things and I am likely to be tired. Until we see how I am after the operation I am not sure what else to expect other than potentially a dodgy voice! Some of the issues I could have will depend on what happens during my operation and if any damage is done to certain areas etc. I have a few things in mind to keep me occupied while I recover. Is there anything I have missed here?

My Recovery Necessities

  • Soups if it is uncomfortable to swallow (I can do these easily in my soup maker)
  • Plenty of squash to make sure I stay hydrated as well as coffee because I like coffee!
  • Netflix and keeping the remote control nearby so I can rest. I am even looking into a VPN so that I can access Netflix abroad with so much more content! Check out how to use one here.
  • A bell handy so I don’t have to move and can call on Ben or Stuart to be at my side when I need something! (only joking I really won’t do that – we don’t have a bell!)
  • Seeing friends/family – they better come and visit as promised anyway!
  • Chocolate – It fixes everything doesn’t it?

I am so nervous about the whole thing so if anyone has any ideas of anything else I need to pack for the hospital or anything that might be a good idea while I am recovering at home do let me know in the comments below!

Over the next few weeks I do have some scheduled posts for you and some guest posts from fellow bloggers but please do bear with me whilst I am unwell and recovering as I might not be around on social media as much. I might do some random things like work out how to save money on household bills or even choose antique jewellery to treat myself to. The internet will be my saviour I am sure! Do feel free to drop me a comment or message to say hello.

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