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I absolutely love spending time outside in the summer with a good book and a glass of wine. We recently put up some fairy lights which look lovely. Yesterday we ordered a fire pit (arriving today – thanks Amazon Prime!) as Ben is keen to make smores. Whilst I don’t eat marshmallows as I am vegetarian I would love to sit with a glass of wine or some chocolates.

Interior design: Beautiful modern terrace lounge with pergola at sunset

We don’t have a standard barbecue as we bought Teppanyaki grills. They are electric which means they are easy to set up and we just love cooking on them.

My Garden Wish List

Of course now we have so many ideas for the garden and I wanted to share them with you. Ideally we could do with a bigger garden too so they would all fit in!

  • A hot tub under cover with lighting making a really relaxing atmosphere. I recently saw one on DIY SOS where they had lights in the ceiling to resemble the night sky. How amazing would that be?
  • We definitely need a new parasol. Our old one has seen better days! I have been looking at cantilever 300cm parasols as they would fit perfectly with our garden as we have it now.
  • If we are getting a new parasol then maybe a new table set would be a good fit too. We really love the rattan sets available. The ones we have seen would be so comfortable and great for entertaining too. I love the look of this Strips Collection from Skyline Design.
  • An outdoor bar area would be quite good too, yes I know I am dreaming and this is very impractical. While we are talking about impractical and unlikely maybe we could add a butler to it to bring me wine and cold fruit cider whenever I like?
  • A pool would be pretty nice too but not for in the middle of Nottinghamshire where we, let’s face it, have far from Caribbean weather!
  • Nice planters – this is a more realistic request as I should really think of the size of our garden, the location and the available funds. I am not a millionaire….yet!

I know, I am always dreaming about what I could have. Meanwhile, I am still hoping one day for my garden office! Do you have a garden wish list too? What would make your perfect garden? Alternatively if you have spare money please do feel free to come and pay for my dreams!

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  1. I love outdoor garden furniture and sitting outside in the sunshine in the cool afternoons is so relaxing in summer.

  2. I think a pool would be perfect in the garden especially if we have the nice weather like this weekend. I can’t wait to have a garden just to sit outside and relax

  3. You have some great ideas on your list, particularly if you entertain a lot. My husband is bummed because a big rainstorm a week ago broke his awning thingey.

  4. I love your Wishlist! I don’t have a garden at the moment but I’d love to have one soon which I can turn into a real chill out space with a fire pit and outdoor projector x