This article includes links I have been paid to include but all thoughts are my own about being outnumbered.

There are three of us in the house and often I feel very outnumbered. Stuart and Ben both love football and films and could spend hours watching some things on the TV. I, on the other hand, tolerate football but I wouldn’t say I am a fan.

Today I thought I would share some funny things I have noticed in my outnumbered life!

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Jubilant family watching television as they cheer on their home side in a sporting competition

The Washing

There are good and bad aspects of living with men when it comes to washing. On the plus side football shirts are really easy to wash so that is a definite bonus. Especially as Ben wears one most day.

Socks – why on earth do they have so many black socks that are not actually the same? I have started buying new socks in multi packs that all can be matched with each other. A definite win from me!

Boxer shorts, every time I wash the pants I look and think how comfortable they look. I am forever having to hold them up and inspect them to work out who’s they are though. Luckily Ben likes different designs to Stuart so win win.

The “man look”

Why is it that all men seem to never look for anything properly? I know I will probably get shot down here for being sexist and I may be wrong it just may be all the men I have encountered in some way in life.

How hard is it to look for something properly instead of having a quick glance then asking me to look for it?

Different standards of clean

I am far from being a clean freak and keep the house very much in a “lived in” state. That said, it is definitely not dirty and I try to keep everything nice.

Why is it that these pair have a completely different view on cleanliness to me? Do they not know the purpose of things like a toilet brush, air freshener and how to use the washing machine?

Maybe I expect too much? I use Zoflora a lot for cleaning and freshening up things so maybe that is something I need to get them into doing too? If only eh!

Shopping – fun or not

I quite like shopping and wandering around somewhere looking at clothes, household items or even new foods. Ben is starting to enjoy shopping, usually though when I am spending money on him, usually on football shirts which are never cheap!

Stuart on the other hand absolutely detests shopping. I do all the Christmas shopping for gifts as he just does not enjoy it at all. I love it though so maybe that is why we are a good match?

What makes you and your family different? Are you outnumbered like me by the opposite sex? How do you cope with it and their different standards? Any tips welcome!

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