Do those extra little syns count?

What I love about the Slimming World plan and food optimising is that it doesn’t feel like a diet, there are no real restrictions and not endless measuring weighing and counting! The only things you need to weigh and measure if you are not following a recipe are the healthy extra choices and whatever you use your syns for. Therefore most meals can be made for the family all at once, something I disliked about previous diets I had tried, something you can make for guests easily and it not look like diet food, and no shakes, pills or wraps, simply cooking yummy healthy filling meals!

10 ways to lift your mood in just 5 minutes!

Regular readers of my blog will know I am very open that I suffer from depression. I have struggled with it for a number of years now and whilst it isn’t always easy to lift your mood permanently sometimes lifting it a little for even just five minutes can help you cope with the day. I am a great believer that depression is as important a problem as any physical health problem. If you had constant pain and could take it away for just 5 minutes a day of course you would so why not try and lift your mood for a little too.

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VonShef Digital Air Fryer Review

Healthy eating is all about making swaps from unhealthy foods to healthier alternatives and that is where the air fryer comes in. If you had said 20 years ago people would be using air fryers I am sure you would have been laughed at but its now more and more common. When I first started Slimming World I bought a well known brand of air fryer before they were as common as they are now. I was intrigued when I was offered a VonShef digital air fryer to review how it would differ. The big names are often a lot more expensive than ones like this but I am not sure they are that much better. Time to put it to the test!

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**This is a sponsored post**

Some things are just easier or cheaper to buy second hand. Not to mention how much eco friendly it is to sell or even giveaway items rather than take them to the local tip. I hate the idea of things unnecessarily going to landfill so to me any way of finding a new home for something is great. Currently there are Facebook groups and various online websites but have you heard of paperclip. I must be honest I hadn’t before looking into it to share with you.

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Ordering Glasses Online with Perfect Glasses – A Review

When you think about choosing glasses and ordering glasses you immediately think of going into a high street opticians. I hadn’t even considered ordering glasses online because I worried that I would order the wrong thing and mess it up! I guess also when you have your eye test the immediate response is to follow that by looking at their selection of glasses. How many people take their prescription away and look elsewhere? When Perfect Glasses asked me to review their website and order a pair of glasses I was curious.

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