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I feel like I am in need of a pamper trip to spoil myself! If you are a regular reader of mine or perhaps follow me on social media you are likely to have seen that Stuart and I got engaged recently.

We are still to decide on specific wedding plans so of course have not planned any hen or stag events yet either but I have started looking into a pamper trip for myself, potentially with some friends as a bit of a hen day out.

Where to go for a pamper trip or day

I am not a big fan of spa days, I have never been on one but I quite like the idea of relaxing but also being busy so I am not sure if it is for me.

My ideal pamper day would be to travel somewhere like London and go to all the top places to be pampered, in the way a celebrity would. A day of feeling like a star being pampered and treated every step of the day.

The day would be followed by a night in a nice hotel and we would get down to London first class on the train! Starting the day with a cocktail and a croissant would be amazing, don’t you think?

How I would love to be pampered

If the day involved a number of us I think I would book somewhere like Beauty Club London, there are so many amazing places when you search for a venue hire London.

It is somewhere to get pampered and spoilt too rather than just hiring an empty room so definitely would be part of making it a celebrity-style day. Being near Oxford street train station also makes it perfect for everyone to get to.


For a pamper trip like a star you definitely need your hair done, don’t you think? I have heard that Moe Harb hair does a great balayage so there would be a good start and we can all get our hair done. I have never been brave enough to get a balayage near me but as part of the pamper day I would love to have it done by one of the top salons that do it for the stars!


Have you seen how the really posh make-up stores often can do a trial with you to try and sell their products etc? I would love to book in somewhere like this and have my make up done professionally. It would be interesting to see how good someone else could make me look and if they focus on different areas or styles than I usually do.


I hardly ever get my nails done but of course, part of a pamper day would be to have them done, again somewhere popular with the stars! I don’t want to be going for a pamper day and going to cheap dull places, I want luxury and to be spoilt! There aren’t any good nail places in my area that I have seen, certainly not BIAB gel nails near me that I have heard recommended so would love to try this in London.

selection of dresses on a rail

Shopping for outfits

Whilst in London I would love to go to high-end clothes stores with a personal shopper who could encourage me to try new looks and help me find something amazing to wear that evening with my newly done hair, make-up and nails.

If I had a temper day like this in London followed by the evening drinking cocktails in a fancy London venue, would you want to come? Let me know in the comments below!

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