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From getting pregnant right through to having a teenager you always feel like you are failing or not doing a good job.

One thing you need to be mindful of is that Quokka mothers throw their babies on the ground if they are threatened to distract the predator and escape to save themselves.

Remember that when you doubt yourself because actually, you can never be that bad!

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From finding out you are pregnant to giving birth it is so easy to feel useless. Should you be feeling this sick? Do other mums-to-be go out for a late-night when pregnant? Are you eating the right foods? Does being sick mean you are harming the baby?

So many things to worry about and all make you feel pretty useless before the baby is even born! Sometimes even those first issues like the sore throat early pregnancy sign make you feel like you are failing the baby. Just remember if you are doing your best then you are doing great!


Whether you have a long or short labour, pain relief or water birth and how long you are in labour can make a big difference to how you perceive your parenting. If you do all you can to ensure the baby comes into the world safely then that is all anyone can hope for.

Don’t be hard on yourself and remember that no two labours are alike. Any issues you have are extremely unlikely to be caused by anything you have done so be kind to yourself.

Being a new parent

How is the baby sleeping? Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Do you use a sling or a pram? All these questions people ask and whatever you answer you feel you are failing.

Are you actually failing though? Remember those Quokkas! Parenting is not easy and when you are sleep deprived it feels even harder. Many new parents get postnatal depression which does not mean you are failing either.

Parenting a toddler

The terrible two’s, a time when every parent feels like they must be doing a terrible job to be having the issues they have. This is categorically not true.

All children will have difficult times around this age. Parenting is not easy, never mind parenting a toddler. These are a natural part of their development and beginning to understand who they are and why they have rules and things they can not do. Why do they want to play with everything but you never know what to buy them? These toddler play ideas should help!

They want to experiment with things and wonder why you stop them from eating crayons or drinking water from the toilet. Sadly this is part of life and whether they admit it or not every other parent is going through this too.

There is no reason you can not struggle or even cry because you have a bad day. Parenting is blooming hard and that is something you are still succeeding at, remember you are not a Quokka!

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