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Sometimes those closest to us are hardest to buy for at Christmas. We spend so much time with them we know what they like but we want to buy something really special. Nothing ever seems special enough. Do you have this problem?

Here are my thoughts on the gifts I would love to receive or ones I have bought that have been really popular. Don’t forget sometimes the best thing you can do is to build lovely memories so perhaps making plans to go and choose your Christmas tree from one of the many UK Christmas tree farms could be nice?

Lady with face mask on at a spa
Close-up of young woman wearing facial mask

A spa weekend

Is there anything more relaxing than a weekend at the spa? If childcare is an issue then you do not have to go together your loved one could go and relax alone or with a friend. There are so many lovely spas you can find one close to home or further afield the choice really is yours. Check out spa weekends abroad on Voyage Privé for a bigger treat.

Spa weekends or spa days can be the perfect way to unwind. Swimming, massages and face masks giving both your body and mind a chance to relax. Keeping an eye out for good offers can help make this inexpensive and being flexible of where you book can make a huge difference.

A surprise holiday

Probably not a cheap gift but a lovely way to give your loved one a break from all the stress of day to day life. A surprise holiday doesn’t have to be expensive and could be a cheap city break to Paris, Amsterdam, London or maybe Venice. Or perhaps you could consider somewhere really different and unique like Chernobyl? If you are taking your loved one away just the two of you it is worth checking out adult-only hotels. There is nothing worse than getting grandparents to care for the children and then listening to other people’s screaming kids is there? If you have kids then why not go on a family holiday to Lapland?

lady on sun lounger on holiday


I always love to receive jewellery and many women do. If your loved one doesn’t wear jewellery how about a lovely watch? There is a gorgeous one in my Christmas gift guides. Watches don’t have to be elegant there are other options like Fitbit or other smart watches.

Whatever you do be careful with a ring that it is clear the meaning of it. If you want to propose then great, if you don’t it needs to be clear or there could be a difficult misunderstanding! You can’t go wrong with a beautiful necklace or earrings if in any doubt. I bought some gorgeous earrings reduced to £5 from £99 in the Black Friday offers on Amazon so it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

An experience

When you are stuck for ideas of a material gift an experience can be the perfect solution. I took Stuart to London in the spring and we went for a meal at The Gherkin. It was a lovely experience and something we will always remember.

Other experience options are football stadium tours, gin tasting experiences or hot air balloon ride. These are all very unique gifts that like a holiday or spa day/weekend will help your loved one relax and create lifetime memories.

If you want something a little less relaxing then how about an experience for them to try an extreme sport, a sports car driving experience or perhaps a flying lesson?

Gift of time

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift. Something homemade or a favour can make all the difference. If your loved one is always doing the cooking then perhaps do it for them for a weekend. Run them a bath and generally pamper them. I love this kind of looking after and it makes me feel like everything I do is truly appreciated. Whilst I love cooking everyone deserves a break don’t they.

What sort of treat would you love this Christmas? Are you a fan of a spa day or would you prefer a necklace or ring?

5 Ways to treat your loved one this Christmas

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