Expectant mothers need to be mindful of the food they consume throughout pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester. That period when you like to share all the cute pregnancy quotes but feel unsure yet buying any baby clothes etc.

Any food consumed by an expectant mother is the baby’s source of nourishment, which means a varied and balanced diet is key.

British Apples and Pears have teamed up with leading nutritionist Lily Soutter to explain why pears are one of the best foods to consume during pregnancy.  

A close up of a pear

Soutter explains, “Pears are low in calories and have high nutritional value, which is essential for the development of a healthy pregnancy.

The regular peak in births in late September indicates the biggest pregnancy boom is at the start of the year making it a perfect season to enjoy more pears.”

Pears are also an excellent source of dietary fibre, with one pear providing 20% of our daily fibre requirement. Fibre is crucial for digestive health, which is often sluggish during pregnancy.

Getting enough fibre in a pregnancy aids the functioning of the digestive system, to help ease constipation.

Ali Capper, Executive Chair of British Apples and Pears says, “Britain has the perfect climate to grow delicious pears, which are readily available in supermarkets across the UK, all year round.

There has never been a more important time to incorporate healthy foods into our diets, and this is especially important for pregnant women who need to closely monitor the foods they consume for their own health and for their babies”.  

Pears can be consumed alone as a healthy snack or as part of a meal. Soutter suggests trying a simple, yet delicious grilled mackerel and pear salad recipe served with sliced fennel, lemon juice, watercress, pumpkin seeds and creme fraiche.

This refreshing salad is full of essential omega-3 fats, which are crucial for the development of the baby’s brain and eyes. Or for those looking for a morning pick me up, why not start your day with a delicious bowl of yoghurt, topped with sliced pear and a dash of honey for the perfect flavour combination?

Jen’s suggestions of perfect recipes using pears

I had a pizza that was delicious at Hotel Football a while ago which was pear, gorgonzola and walnut, it sounds bizarre but it was delicious.

Could you make a crumble similar to an apple crumble but with pears? I love pear crumbles and grew up in a house with a large pear tree in the back garden so had pear crumbles lots. They are really good and can be easily frozen too.

Have you had pear chopped up in a salad? It sounds odd but it really works well too! I really enjoy it and often add fruits to my salads such as apples, grapes, persimmon, and plums.

Thanks to British Apples and Pears for their support in this post.

A pear with a green apple

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