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I have written before about how I started my blog and the reasons behind it but today I wanted to talk to you about the perfect blog photos. So many people think that you need a huge or spotless house but that really is not the case.

Remember you can also take photos out and about like on Snowdrop walks. Here I will show you tips to take great blog photos whatever your budget!

Books on wooden flooring

No clutter and clear surfaces

Why do so many bloggers appear to have such clutter-free homes? The answer is they don’t! Whilst some, of course, have huge houses with immaculate surfaces this is by far not the norm. So many bloggers have one “good wall” and a few shelves that can be cleared easily for photos. Adding props where needed.

In time as you get to earn more from blogging you will be able to upgrade things and buy furniture you know is perfect for photos as well as what you like! The perfect house, of course, would be light and airy with a lot of space for blogging, areas set up for different photos. Can you imagine a house where you can take photos anywhere to look great?

Necklace in box with red roses and brickwork in background

Amazing flooring

Photos of products or even just your children playing games always look best on gorgeous engineered wood flooring. If you are going to make one upgrade to your home for blogging then I really believe flooring should be it. There are so many ways good flooring can be used to make your photos pop!

If you don’t have the money for that right now and you have a stained carpet then panic not. Pop to the local DIY store and get some wallpaper samples! Would you believe this photo was taken on wallpaper?

White coffee up that says Just Average Jen with coffee inside

Ornaments and beautiful pictures

In an ideal world along with your clutter-free spaces and stunning flooring, you will have gorgeous ornaments and artwork for the background of photos. This truly is not the case. A few well-chosen items from somewhere like B&M can be perfect. Again this is an area that can be solved for a few pounds and by creative use of things you find in charity shops or even the countryside!

5 things to buy for the perfect photos with £10+ to spend

  • Stunning flooring for the rooms you will take photos in. Think what will last well and
  • A lovely tablecloth for food shots and a set of lovely plates to take food photos on.
  • A set of photography lights for the perfect lighting, a massive variety of lighting it available for all budgets
  • A DSLR Camera – though your mobile phone camera is probably enough!
  • Photography backgrounds – these are my favourites.

5 things you can get free for photos

  • Wallpaper samples
  • Pinecones, acorns and flowers from walks in the countryside
  • Photos of friends immaculate houses
  • Napkins, chopsticks and candles you already have around the house
  • Offcuts of neighbours new flooring or carpet!
White keyboard, peacock feather and red rosebuds on grey patterned background

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