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I love saving money and with the cost of mobile phones that is a perfect place to try and save a few pounds. I haggle where I can and think I am pretty thrifty when it comes to getting a good deal so thought it was a perfect subject to share with you.

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It is pretty easy to save money on your mobile bill just by being a bit clever when it comes to working out what you need. These five tips should help you.

Check usage

Ask your current provider for a breakdown of your actual usage for the last 6 months so you can see both your average and highest usage. When you have these figures you need to find a contract, sim only deal or pay as you go sim that best fits these requirements. If you only use 1mb of data a month there is no point in you paying for 20mb!

Consider sim only

Don’t rule out sim only deals. The cost of a phone and a sim only deal separately could be cheaper than combining them in a contract in the long term.

Do you need a handset

Do you even need a new handset? If you want to upgrade check out reconditioned models as well as second hand models. You may get a great bargain and save a fortune but still have what you need. Checking shops like CEX, Game etc is good as they offer a warranty on used phones that a private seller doesn’t.


Find out what other providers offer and haggle with your current provider. They can often match other deals to keep you as a customer. If they can not match the price they may offer you other incentives to stay like more data. Remember though if you wont use it then it is not a good deal is it?

Consider a business contract

Consider a business contract if, like myself, you are self-employed. Alternatively, a joint contract with your partner and an extra line can be very beneficial.

Do you have any other ways you reduce your phone bill? I would love to hear them ready for when my phone is up for renewal. I always shop around for the best deal and then get my current provider to match it but this time I might consider changing. Loyalty very rarely actually pays does it? Have you looked ta if your airtime rewards could help you save money on your phone bill?

5 Ways to save money on your mobile phone bill

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