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We are living in a time where the modern-day home is changing. 

It is no longer just about functionality, but it is also about style. Your home should reflect your personal taste and be well designed to make you feel comfortable. 

One accessory that can help you achieve this goal is photo frames. Photo frames not only create an inviting atmosphere, but they also provide the perfect way to show off your favourite memories with family and friends.

Check out our post on what you should be looking out for when finding the right photo frame for your home. 

What is a modern picture frame?

Today’s modern photo frames are simple and free of distracting details that can detract from the framed painting or photograph. 

The use of natural materials in modern picture framing produces a unique effect, as the wood’s naturally occurring grains are left uncovered by paint or dark polishes. 

Frames go through careful cutting and sanding to achieve perfection, but they remain different due to their construction with varying types of wood.

How do I choose the right picture frame?

When looking for the right modern photo frame for your home, there are a few considerations that you must think about when looking for one for your home.

Think about tones and colours

Don’t match the colour of your photo to that of the frame. Consider how it will look as a whole when picking out which picture you want to put up on display.

Look at using lighter frames for more casual or simple art pieces and darker ones for formal images.

Compliment your current interior decor

Matching a frame to your existing room decor is more important than matching the colour in an image to the frame itself.

Choose a frame that either complements or adds contrast with current decor, depending on what you want it for.

Contrasting colour considerations

Your mat colour and frame colour should be different as attention is drawn to the framing rather than your artwork when they’re too similar.

The current trend in framing is for simple white frames, however, silver and black paint are also trendy.

Gold or ornate gold frames help embellish a modern minimalistic-looking room while the “old fashion” look of gold or silver paint will be on its way back into homes as well.

Many modern homes and offices display artworks that are typically found on stretched canvases. However, we’re noticing a trend where people wish to finish the artwork without interfering with it.

Which photo frame material is best?

Acrylic is the lighter and more affordable choice for shipping. It’s also more durable and ideal for frames ordered online.

Glass is heavier but it has great aesthetic features which some people prefer over other materials because of its resistance to scratching.

Looking For Modern Photo Frame Designs?

When looking for the right photo frame design for your home, it is important that all of the points raised are considered.

Finding a modern photo frame that fits with your interior design can be a challenge but we hope that this has provided you with a bit more of a clear idea as to what to look out for.

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