When I was asked to review a new phone case and magnetic holder I was pleased as Ben needed a new case for his mobile so thought this would be a great opportunity to try a new one for him. He often passes it to us at the front to charge on long car journeys so having a holder for it sounded great too. I was curious that being magnetic the phone case would be heavy and cumbersome but was pleasantly surprised. The items are a big hit with Ben too.

An iPhone with Pitaka phone case and holder on wooden surface

The case as you can see on the photos is very thin and is actually lightweight too. This however doesn’t mean it is flimsy as I can assure you is most certainly isn’t. Ben was impressed that it is actually bulletproof. Unfortunately I don’t have a bullet to hand so I cant test that but hey it seems pretty sturdy so I cant see why it wouldn’t be. The case has a metal back so if you chose to also buy the magnetic mount it attaches well too it, if you don’t though it is still great. The case also includes a screen protector. The magnetic mount fixes easily to the vents in your car and the magnet is strong enough to hold the phone securely to it. The mount also includes a metal plate you can fix to your phone if you do not have the Pitaka case so it is great that I can have it on my case too or Stuart could on his since he drives more than me!

Pitaka Magnetic phone case and holder on wooden surface

As you can see the design on the case is nice but also simple so it would suit anyone. It is light enough to not even notice it is there whilst still protecting your phone. When we spend so much on phones now it is important to protect them, isn’t it? Whilst the Pitaka website has prices in dollars they ship worldwide. They are available for a variety of phones and the magnetic mount is suitable for any phone if you use the metal plate included. If you love this idea they also do a magnetic wallet!

Please note I was sent these items in return for an honest review but all opinions above are my own.

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