Look at yourself, are you going to have a New Year Resolution of weight loss again this year? That is absolutely fine, I am sure there is a statistic somewhere of the number of people who in January join weight loss clubs.

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To save money

Even if you have a Christmas splurge and drink and eat whatever you want over Christmas by knowing what plan you are starting and when you reduce the risk of having excess food to use up or throw away.

Look around you on things like Facebook Marketplace. So many people who are no longer dieting, need space for an office to work at home, or just got bored are selling things like Slimming World recipe books, exercise bikes and smartwatches as they are looking to upgrade in the Black Friday sales.

No one is suggesting you must use them now but go and buy them if you can and save yourself a fortune!

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To feel better about yourself and your January diet

If you look in the mirror on 22nd December and think yuck, how have I let myself get to this but know that you have a plan in place from 1st January (or whenever you have chosen to start) you will feel better instantly.

If you can not start your diet now, the next best thing is to plan your start. We all know how easy it is to delay using phrases like “I will start next month” etc.

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To choose the best January diet for your health

There are so many fad diets out there or even diets with fake weight loss photos that giving yourself time to research a diet is so important. I am sure you don’t want to end up starting a diet which doesn’t work for you.

More to the point do you want to start a diet which could land you in the hospital because it is actually full of dangerous ingredients? Check out one of the stories here, it will really make you think!

To make you do it

Imagine yourself on the first of January thinking you should be losing weight but now so is everyone else. You start thinking about the different plans and which one might work for you but get distracted by the different marketing campaigns.

Before you know it a week or a month has passed with you being indecisive and not actually achieving anything. If you plan it now you will do it and no marketing campaign or offer will distract you from what you have already established is the plan for you.

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Because I told you to!

It is easy to let people tell you that you don’t need to worry about dieting until after Christmas but I am telling you that yes you do. Even if all you do is have a read of my weight loss and exercise page and then read up on what plans you feel could work.

Simply by making this first step you can achieve the weight loss you want and more to the point be who you want to be. I am not telling you to go and only eat salad for the next week.

I am merely telling you to read up about different plans and search out different recipes on Pinterest and pin them to a diet-related board. This way in January you are prepared and have no excuses!

There is not one best January diet, everyone will find the right diet for them. Simply find the best January diet for you!

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