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While we are encouraged to use less plastic we do need to remember that there are some amazing uses for it which we forget about. The main issue is single-use plastic and microplastics that end up in the oceans.

Plastic Bottles for Recycling
Plastic Bottles for Recycling

The need for plastic

Drinks bottles are unnecessary single-use plastic when we could use reusable bottles instead. The invention of things like the Sodastream is perfect for this. I love how many gorgeous bottles and reusable cups are now available.

Thinking about medical procedures and essentials in hospitals, of course, there are areas it is necessary and we wouldn’t deny that. It would be impossible to get rid of the use of plastic completely as the way it can be sterilised and used once is perfect for some things.

Milk for example is an area where we can change. As a country we get through so many single-use bottles it is crazy. The difference with glass bottles that can be reused is they don’t add anything to landfills or even for recycling.

Bottles are sterilised and reused hundreds of times. I do wish they were better value for money though so we didn’t feel the single-use plastic bottles had to be bought to save money.

Recyclable plastic

Instead of always trying to avoid plastic sometimes it is best to buy plastic containers that are either recyclable or you can use for other things afterwards.

So many lovely reusable bottles are available now I try to use them or at least opt for recyclable bottles when I can’t.

I love buying glass coffee jars that I can use for other things but I tend to drink more coffee than I have uses for the jars! Maybe I should find some crafts to make with them?

Do you recycle much plastic? In ours they are so fussy and so many types can not be recycled and go straight to landfill. It is scary how this will impact our future and that of future generations!

Fruit containers like grapes tubs are rarely recyclable. In my opinion, surely we could buy grapes in paper bags as we used to more? Why does everything have to be prepackaged?

Toy packaging

With Christmas coming up I find the amount of packaging in toys is scary. Especially in blind toys like LOL dolls. It is hard to avoid though in many toys and gifts. For example computer games and DVDs unless downloaded are always in plastic cases.

Whilst we are on the subject don’t get me started on the plastic ties and screws used to secure items in boxes and packaging. Why do these brands have to make Christmas morning so hard for parents?

I am sure they think parents should have screwdrivers, scissors and time on their hands. Meanwhile, kids are frantically waiting to play with their gifts instead of stuffing their faces with Christmas chocolate! Another thing wrapped unnecessarily, especially selection boxes.

Check out Say no to plastic from a fellow blogger sharing why we should say no to plastic!

Plastic Bottles for Recycling

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