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As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, many people suffer from keeping their spirits up, especially with strict lockdown rules still in place for many regions. You can stay positive though so read on for some tips.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are proven ways of tackling winter blues that can be extremely beneficial for your wellbeing. Here are some great tips to cheer yourself up and improve your outlook over the dark winter seasons.

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Practice meditation 

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve self-awareness and self-esteem, as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety. In particular, mindfulness meditation helps you to slow down and discover positive attributes about yourself and your surroundings.

This form of meditation also lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), making it a great morning or evening ritual to incorporate into your routine to start or end the day in a more positive and balanced mindset. 

Ensure your meditation space is quite and clutter-free for no distractions and optimum benefits. You can even invest in a meditation cushion or essential oils to make the environment even more peaceful.

Create a self-care routine 

Self-care is paramount for a positive mindset as it helps reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Incorporating small, regular activities that treat your body and your mind, such as having a relaxing bath or introducing a daily skincare routine, will help create a healthier and more positive relationship with yourself and your surroundings. 

Try adding special treatment products into your regime, such as the bio-retinol gold face mask available from Pure Skin Lab, a nourishing body creme or adding some luxurious bath salts into your nighttime routine, which will not only benefit your skin but also your wellbeing. 

Nourish your body 

As the common phrase goes – you are what you eat! A study found that a Mediterranean diet was one of the best to follow for increased wellbeing as it includes lots of fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats, such as fish and olive oil, which are a must for a healthy, happy mind and body.

Additionally, healthier foods are proven to give more energy, which is essential during the darker months, when the short days can lead to tiredness and lack of motivation. However, remember to allow yourself a treat once in a while. When your wellbeing is already unbalanced, you shouldn’t be neglecting your body of what it wants. 

Implement exercise into your day 

The word exercise can put some people off. However, any sort of regular movement is enough; this doesn’t have to be much. It can be a walk, a home workout, a jog – anything!

Thanks to the internet, there are some great, free workouts on YouTube, such as a Mamma Mia themed HIIT workout for an entertaining, yet effective short burst of exercise. Exercise is proven to lift spirits and a release high levels of serotonin, the happy hormone. 

Do something you’re good at 

Everyone needs a confidence boost once in a while, and with the darker days putting a grey cloud over many people’s heads, doing an activity you excel in is the perfect pick me up which will increase both levels of serotonin and self-esteem.

This could be anything from painting or completing a quiz to dancing and baking; anything that makes you feel a sense of pride afterwards will be perfect for improving your wellbeing over winter. 

These are some great examples of activities you can include in your routine to improve your overall wellbeing and stay positive during winter. However, there are many more ways to achieve this. It’s about finding something that fits into your daily routine and that works for you.

How to have a healthy winter this year

If you are planning how to feel good this winter then you need to add a healthy diet to that. Whether you follow a weight loss plan or just eat a little healthier it should be easy to plan a healthier winter. A few simple swaps like grilled chicken instead of fried chicken could make all the difference.

Soup is always a popular winter meal but not always filling. Pasta soups can help and become a staple on your winter meal plan alongside the classic beef stew.

Are you starting the day with a healthy filling breakfast? Try overnight oats or baked oats for a good start to the day as an alternative to porridge and I am sure you won’t feel hungry until lunch. Why not pop your tea in the slow cooker at the same time as you make breakfast to save time? Most recipes can easily be adapted for the slow cooker.

If you hate meal planning I have winter meal plans that could help you, why not take a look at the warming winter meal plan? If you need a big boost then my syn free meal plan might be perfect too.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on nutrients too with things like cranberry juice drinks and ensuring any recipes you make have plenty of vegetables.

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