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We’re all missing the fresh air and the feeling of our favourite golf club between our hands as lockdown 3.0 continues. Last year we barely had a chance to don our golf shoes before we were restricted from playing the game we love once again, but there were certainly some highlights taken from the end of 2020 that give us real optimism for the 2021 post-lockdown golf season.

Golf ball on a wooden tee with a golf club on grass

So, whilst we wait patiently during the third national lockdown here in the UK, here are four reasons to remain hopeful for the day we can return back to the green.

#1 Return to the game revitalised

Whether you’ve been practicing your swing at home or not, there’s no denying that all of this time spent off the links will do you some good when we’re allowed back.

Feeling fresh as a daisy, you can go back to your game feeling stronger, more energised and more motivated than ever before.

#2 A chance to show off the latest in golf fashion wear

If you’ve always been an avid golfer, then the chances are that staying home over so many months has meant that you’ve had no reason to treat yourself to the latest trends in men’s golf clothing. The good news about this is that brands have continued to release new and stylish pieces, and with all that money you’ve saved up over the months, you can now splash out, and be fully kitted out, for when the courses reopen!

#3 A refreshed outlook on the game

Spending day in, day out on the green can work wonders for your game, or it can mean that you no longer appreciate the small things that once seemed so charming. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this certainly is the case here, as we’re confident that upon your return you will find a new appreciation for everything about the golfing world.

#4 A boom amongst the golfing industry

We can’t deny that golf has always been a popular sport, but the recent lockdown has certainly encouraged a huge boom in those returning to the links at the end of 2020. In fact, 97% of golfers came back to play after the last lockdown, with over half of them stating they were pleased with how golf courses had planned to operate safely during these uncertain times.

Are you ready to return to the green?

When lockdown 3.0 is over, we’ll be the first to rush back to the green for some post-lockdown golf, but are you ready? Whether it’s a new set of clubs, a fresh set of men’s golf shoes or a new wardrobe – there are many reasons to get excited about golf in 2021.

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