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I will be 40 this year. It is unbelievable really and feels only a couple of years since I had Ben who is now 14 and only a few years before that I was 12 and hating myself. It feels like I am really getting old and need to start planning for the second part of my life, for 40 and beyond.

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I have no intention of having any more children. I don’t have any plans to become a Grandma any time soon. So, I guess that makes the rest of my life all about preparing for getting old. I feel too young to worry about pensions and life insurance but I guess the sad thing is I am not especially since life insurance for seniors can get harder to lock in as you age.

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Financial preparations

Reality means that I need to start looking into life insurance, saving for my retirement and pensions. A scary prospect really but I guess I need to plan. Any ideas where to start with these things? If any of you know more than I do I would love some help.

Maybe all I really need is a proper savings account and to save for things I need? Other than living costs in retirement other things can be bought from savings when needed I guess. With the internet, I guess we are now more able to find things at a good price which helps with forward planning.

Looking at affordable stairlift prices and the variety of care companies available is great. It helps to plan money to save for these things. The reality is though saving always seems dull doesn’t it, I would much rather use the money for holidays!

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Preparing my body for 40 and beyond

I need to start looking after my body a bit more. The reality is I should be exercising again. I need to take better care of my skin and drink more water. There is so much I should be doing and I really must. My skin isn’t too bad for approaching 40 but I need to look after it more and keep hydrated. I should definitely get more fresh air and go places I love like Newstead Abbey more often.

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Thinking about family and friends

As I approach 40 I am starting to think about who is important in my life. I need to stop giving time to people who are not important to me or who do not treat me as I treat them. Over the years I have been in abusive relationships with partners but also had so called friends who used me.

Maybe now is a good time to be looking at my life, my friendships and my family. To accept what I cannot change and realise I cannot change anyone. If I do not like the way they are with me I can change that by removing them from my life.

I have depression and have had some amazing support from people important in my life. I need to focus on making sure I keep these people in my life as without them I truly do not know if I would still be here.

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