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When you become a parent you think of the future. You wonder how your child will grow up and have a family of their own. Whilst I would love Ben to do that there is always the possibility he wont. Ben is likely to always need some kind of input from me and Stuart.

Ben smiling with a football shirt on

Preparing them for a fun life

Ben is football mad and really enjoys watching the games. I love that most football grounds offer a free carer in with someone with a disability as it means Ben will never have to pay more just because he needs someone to support him.

Preparing them for independence

I always think it is important to gradually prepare any child for adulthood and independence but I think it is especially important for children with additional needs. My hope is that as Ben grows up he will be able to do as much as possible for himself.

I enjoy cooking with him and teaching him how to make new things, whilst he is not a michelin star chef by any means he is learning the basics though and that makes a difference. He loves helping make a roast dinner and is quick to learn the right way to do things.

Roast dinner

Spending time in the community

n some aspects there may always be a need for Ben in the community to have some support I would like to think that Ben will have some independence. When we go shopping Ben is gradually mastering paying for things with me next to him. He is getting good at choosing things from a shopping list. All things important for his future.

As he gets older I will work with him more on travelling independently. Maybe one day he will drive, he did enjoy his driving lesson so maybe he will be a good driver? I am not sure how tolerant he will be of other drivers though if his current back-seat driving is anything to go by! He doesn’t half shout at people that don’t use indicators!

Preparing financially

I love my job blogging as it fits perfectly with helping Ben for the rest of my life if necessary. However I worry about how politics and such will change as he gets older and what sort of job and/or benefits he will get. Time will tell I guess.

I am currently looking into things like life insurance on comparison sites and need to compare funeral insurance too. If I can be prepared and make sure Ben never has these kind of expenses when I am no longer here, I will feel I have done a good job at parenting.

I do wonder if I should wait until I have lost weight again before getting life insurance though as I imagine it will be cheaper! I don’t smoke though which of course goes in my favour. Equally I don’t do extreme sports so that’s an advantage too!

Do you plan for the future with your children? I wish I could save in a separate account for him but maybe in time, I am only 39 after all!

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