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This time of year is full of bugs and colds isn’t it? Have you ever crossed your fingers for a week leading up to a big event hoping you don’t catch a cold? I know I do!

Tissues, Coldzyme and Milton sterilising gel on marble background
ColdZyme, tissues, antibacterial gel and vaseline

Why we don’t like colds

I hate colds, all the sneezing and germs everywhere. It is more than sneezing though isn’t it. With my asthma, I easily get breathless with it and can easily get chest infections and hospitalised as I did at New Year.

Even without complications such as asthma, a cold can really floor you can’t it? Making you miss days of work, important meetings or even feel rubbish on your wedding day.

As a parent, though it isn’t just you getting a cold you have to watch out for is it, but it is the kids too. A day off school for them can mean a day off work for you before you catch it yourself!

If only there was an easy way to prevent it eh?

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mum comforting schoolgirl with a cold.

How do you avoid catching a cold?

We all know that staying healthy and eating well is the best way to keep your immune system strong. It is not always enough though is it? Other ways we can reduce the risk of catching a cold are to keep away from other people, not practicable and really rather a crazy way of preventing a cold.

Many people regularly use hand sanitisers to ensure their hands are free from germs. Unfortunately, that does not stop you from inhaling germs, does it? There is only so much hand sanitiser can do!

ColdZyme products on a marble background

What is ColdZyme?

ColdZyme is a mouth barrier spray that can help you reduce the risk of catching a cold or shorten a cold you already have. The spray itself essentially coats your mouth to prevent the germs from being absorbed from the atmosphere.

By using ColdZyme you limit the chances of catching a cold and it can be used for a few days or so leading up to an event to give you that extra bit of protection to help. Check out research for more information on results achieved.

In the same way, as you might use hand sanitiser more when you have something like a wedding coming up this is a similar go-to spray that will help the bits hand sanitiser can’t!

ColdZyme can be used by children 4 and over and is available in many places including Amazon for £15.99 for enough to shorten/prevent 3 colds.

Do you have any events that you would hate to catch a cold for? Maybe a job interview, concert or meeting that you really can’t miss? What would you be trying ColdZyme out before? Do you have any other tips for preventing catching a cold?

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