Prezzybox is a great website for gifts that all the family will love, some are hilarious, and others are unique but they are all great. They don’t just have a website though anymore, they have a store!

Do you find that whenever you travel with kids you stop at numerous service stations? Or maybe you are like me and have a pretty rubbish pelvic floor now you have given birth so stop regularly for yourself?

Either way, you will be familiar with service stations. A nice break from seeing fields of cows and other cars aren’t they? Here I share with you the new Prezzybox store!

Herd of cattle in a lush green field
Cows grazing in a green meadow

The good service stations

My personal preference when it comes to service stations is ones with a few shops to nosey around. It can be a nice break from driving and sitting in the same position for hours.

Not just food shops too, I love services with random other shops but there are only so many books or phone cases you can look at aren’t there?

Closeup of a bouquet of flowers
bouquet of flowers

Once you have been for a wee, grabbed a coffee and maybe a bite of lunch you are quickly stuck for things to do before getting back on the road.

Either that or you are going to visit someone and want to buy a gift to take with you. Flowers always look a bit last minute, don’t they? That is why I loved the fact Prezzybox now have a shop at Strensham services southbound on the M5.

A group of people at the opening of a Prezzybox store
PrezzyBox store opening Strensham

Why I love the new Prezzybox shop

Strensham services is a great one to stop at any way if you are heading south on the M5 as it has some lovely food and a selection of shops.

It has now been made even better with the addition of Prezzybox. This is their first store however they have been online for a long time and have some amazing gifts.

An array of colourful bath treats

They have something for everyone for every budget. The above bath cupcakes are so cute and would be a lovely gift to take with you visiting a friend or family member.

A display of kids items on wooden shelves
variety of kids gifts

Prezzybox has a great variety of gifts for children in their store and even more online. If you are trying to keep them entertained this variety has to beat buying a magazine!

An array of gifts on a shelf
licensed gifts from Prezzybox

If you are after something licensed like a Harry Potter gift or maybe a Friends gift then they have you covered too.

Gift items on wooden shelves
Food as a gift from Prezzybox

If you are visiting someone and usually stop at the services for a box of chocolates then Prezzybox has a lovely selection of food gifts for you. All these make it look like you have really thought out a special gift not just stopped at the services!

A golden hand headphone stand
Headphone stand

This lovely headphone stand I am definitely putting this on my wishlist for Ben for his birthday or maybe just as an extra treat. I am sick of him dumping his headphones on the floor because his other headphone holder has his gaming headsets on!

A Cat Scratching Pad Playhouse in white box
Cat gifts

They even have you sorted if you want a gift for the cat! I absolutely love this record player cat-scratching pad!

Where is Prezzybox?

Check out the store at the Streensham services on the southbound M5!

Pinterest pin of people at the opening of a Prezzybox store

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