There are a few situations that spring to mind in which you might be looking for personalised items in bulk. The first is the obvious business essentials whether that is for your clients or employees or to give out promotions.

The second would be if you were organising a personal function like a big party or wedding and wanted to get a number of items all personalised or branded in the same way.

PrintKick sells items suitable for both of these and I have worked with them to share just a few of those items with you.

Printkick products on wooden surface

These were the items I chose to review and share with you though there are so many more on their website, I wouldn’t know where to start. If you can think of something you would like to have your brand, celebration or phone number on then the chances are they do it!

Our Printkick Items

These are the specific items in the photo above and our thoughts of them.

The W cable

This is a USB charging cable which is perfect for your handbag (or briefcase I guess!). It is small but does the job perfectly. It has three outlets so you can use it with an Apple lightning device, a micro USB, and a USB C.

The chances are it will fit your phone or tablet unless it is really unusual or quite old. I have found it great to carry with a power pack as it avoids carrying different wires for each of our phones.

When we go out for the day I take a power pack and this cable knowing that if any of us need it then it is there.

3-in-1 Screensaver Cloth

This is a multipurpose cloth that can be used as a mouse mat, to place between a laptop keyboard and screen as a protector, and as a screen cleaning wipe. Handy, lightweight and I guess a useful thing to remind someone constantly of your business!

Tablet Case

This is a perfect fit for my iPad and is soft but slightly cushioned so lightweight yet handy to keep it protected. Definitely, something I could imagine a boss giving to all their staff so they all match and advertise the brand at the same time.

Notebook and Pens

Good quality and the prices are comparable to most basic notebooks but get your branding out there.

Minimum orders are around 25 so good for businesses of any size.

We all need pens and when it’s branded it is a constant reminder of your brand, isn’t it?

Bluetooth Speaker

For around £7 it isn’t a bag little gadget. I am not sure what kind of business would find benefit in these though maybe a little promotional giveaway for their favourite customers branded with the company logo would be good.

If you are thinking of items for a personal event like a wedding or big party there are other items like make-up bags, fidget spinners and sweets available amongst other items on the Printkick website so pop and have a look.

If you are anything like me you will be surprised how cheap these things can be! Now I just need to find a way I need something like this to advertise my website!

Just Average Jen white mug on wooden surface

The company are run by the same people as Mug Store and kindly also made me a mug with my Just Average Jen logo on it. Isn’t it great!

The shiny line on it is just the reflection of the light as I took the photo the image is perfect. The mug feels great quality and the printing is faultless.

If you fancy ordering from Printkick or a mug of your own whether that be for a business or just a picture you like pop over to their website and take a look. There is a huge variety however this particular style can be found in Mugstore.

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