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Get to know all the reasons why you need to install a professional-style range top in your kitchen.

If you are planning to update your kitchen, or shifting somewhere else and designing the new kitchen, pro-style range tops might be what you need to jazz up your kitchen. If you are a cooking enthusiast, then you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. For some of us, cooking serves as therapy. The process becomes even better if the appliances are of good quality.

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This is particularly true for range tops. If you have ever cooked for a big group of people, you will know how hard it is to prepare a full meal with just two burners. Of course, you can do it in shifts, but the food you will cook first will become cold by the time you serve it. Things would have been a lot easier and fun if you had those multiple burner range tops like the ones used in the restaurants. Most of us can’t afford to get commercial appliances. Even if we can, they won’t be suitable for household use. 

So the best bet is definitely the pro-style range. They are neither as expensive as commercial range tops, nor unfit for household use. They can easily fit into your kitchen and give you amazing service. Once you install one of these, cooking will be a lot easier and convenient. Continue reading to know more about these amazing range tops.

Additional Cooking Space

First and foremost, let’s talk about the additional cooking space a pro-style range top provides. This is the first visible benefit of a pro-style range top. If you have a big group of people coming over, it is very hard to cook for all of them using a regular range top. With only two burners, you can only cook two dishes at a time. The only way you can cook multiple dishes is to cook in shifts. But this way, you might end up serving cold food because the first dish you cook would be cold before you finish cooking.

Getting store-bought food when you have family or friends over is not the only solution to this problem. That might not be your favourite thing to do anyway. So the ultimate solution to this problem is to get a pro-style range top. They are undoubtedly the best gas range tops available out there. As they have more burners than regular ones, they will allow you to cook multiple things at a time. These ranges generally have five to six burners.

Another great thing about them is that they are not limited to burners. Some of them offer grilling stations and ovens as well. This is always a plus because it lets you attempt multiple styles of cooking at once. It will surely help you make your next party a lot more exciting without having to juggle tasks. 

Multiple Ovens 

Talking of ovens, pro-style ranges offer multiple ovens as well. If you are into baking, you understand how difficult it is to bake multiple items at a time. As you know, different dishes or different items need to be baked at different temperatures, and it is impossible to do it at once in the same oven. So you have to bake one at a time and wait for it to finish cooking and then start another. 

This wastes a lot of your valuable time. A pro-style kitchen offers multiple ovens so you can cook multiple things at a time at the temperature they need to be baked. If you need to bake big batches at a time, you’ll face another problem, that is, not being able to fit everything in the oven at once. This is a huge problem because if you prepare the whole batch at once, then you would need to cook some of it first and let the other half rest at the counter. This will create a difference in the batches.

The batch you prepare first will have better results, whereas the second batch will be a bit compromised. Because ingredients like baking soda will be active in the first batch and inactive in the second batch. Thus, the results are bound to get varied. This is why cake batters need to be baked as soon as they are prepared. Otherwise, you might end up with a deflated cake. 

Making two batches of the same thing separately is not a logical solution to this problem. Because you’ll be doing the same thing twice. It’s a huge waste of time and energy. However, you don’t need to worry about it if you own a pro-style range top. As mentioned before, they provide dual oven facilities. So you can easily make the batter at once and divide it in your ovens. This saves you a lot of time, energy, and fuel and offers great baked goods.


When we talk about pro-style range tops, its durability needs a mention. These ranges are made with stainless steel. Not only does it add elegance to your kitchen, but it also makes the appliance extremely durable. Industrial appliances are also made with stainless steel which makes sure no matter how much pressure it goes through, the appliances stay intact. They don’t even get scratches easily. 

Pro-style ranges have very similar quality so it provides you durability without the bland and outdated look of industrial appliances. Moreover, you won’t be cooking as much as in a restaurant. So your range top will be even more long-lasting. It requires a lot fewer repairs than any other regular range top. So you will be saving some money there. Moreover, you don’t have to be worried all the time about damaging your range top by using it too much.  


Pro-style range tops are known for their beauty and durability. It’s quite rare to find something that offers high quality and elegant look at a time. Getting one of these will surely make drastic changes to your cooking experience. So, keep these in mind the next time you upgrade your kitchen.

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