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When I was young we had school discos at the end of term. All it involved was some sandwiches and parents supervising and cheesy music. Nothing more was deemed necessary. The only day you really got to dress up was your wedding day, unless of course you were a bridesmaid for someone.

A group of teenagers at prom

Proms vs School Discos

So much seems to have changed now. There are proms for primary and secondary aged children when leaving school. Unlike the discos we once had these proms involve expensive outfits and flowers.

Many of the attendees have spray tans, their make up done especially by a professional and new jewellery for the event. I dread to think how much it costs parents compared to the discos we had back in the day!

We had the event in the school hall, now expensive function rooms are usually booked in hotels, similar to how you would for a wedding!

Can you imagine having to book a limousine for your teenager months in advance so you could guarantee they had the transport they needed for the big day? All these expenses make me glad that I only have one child and that is a boy!

A teenage girl taking a selfie with her male prom date


Now and with future generations a wedding wont be the first time they have dressed up to this degree. Especially after such a beautiful prom celebration. The desire to dress up is still there but of course you would have to outdo your prom wouldn’t you! That said it wouldn’t be as over the top as the weddings in the Big Fat Gypsy weddings show. Did you ever watch that?

Photos of course are pretty similar. With a wedding you are likely to require many more photos. You have photos of the cake, all the guests, the key parts of the ceremony and even getting ready in the morning! Wedding photo sharing is a great way of showing off all your photos. It could even be used for prom photos too.

Planning your wedding you are likely to have a preference in how you would like your hair and make up done. This decision is based ongt your prom experience. Having been in a limousine for your prom you may decide that you want something a little more extravagant for your wedding.

Did you have a prom or a disco?

When you were at school did you have a prom or a disco? Were you treated to an upmarket event? Was it more like sandwiches and parents supervising with a few photos taken on an old 35mm camera? It makes me feel old when I think of school discos and the cringeworthy outfits I wore and loved! I would add them to give you a giggle but my mum has them and frankly I want you to keep following me and not laugh!

What memories do you have of school? Did you have any hideous outfits you thought were great at the time? Do comment below and let me know!

Proms, weddings and school discos

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