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How do you get around? Do you have a car, bike or public transport? I have a car, which we use every day. Although having a car is convenient, it can be expensive to run. This winter the price of petrol has gone through the roof, so it is expensive to go out too often. We have also seen a petrol shortage this year with people panic buying it. So even though having a car makes life easier, you have to wonder if public transport can be better than a car at the moment.

Going on a train or bus might not be your kind of thing, but there are so many benefits from using public transport. Recently with the shortage of petrol, people did swap over to public transport for fear of running out of petrol on their journey.

It Is Better For The Environment

Every time that somebody swaps from using their car to getting the bus, it is better for the environment. You are doing your part to protect the planet for the next generations. Just imagine 20 people leaving their homes and getting in a car to drive to work. That is 20 cars worth of fumes on the road, but if those 20 people get on the bus it is only one transport taking them all to work. It takes 20 cars off the road, helping to ease traffic congestion too.

Pollution can cause as many deaths every year as traffic accidents, especially in built-up cities around the world. Buses produce less pollution because they are usually diesel or electric-powered buses.

You Get To Meet New People

There is nothing better than people watching, and it is so easy to do on public transport. If you take a train journey somewhere, you can relax as you watch the world go by. If you regularly see the same people on the bus, you get chatting and soon become friends. A lot of elderly take the bus because it is the only people they see and chat to all day sometimes.

Saving Money By Using Public Transport

Running around town in your car can really build up the miles on your car as well as wear and tear. Leaving your car at home and taking public transport instead can be quite a money saver. Many people that live in major cities usually leave their cars parked on their driveway. Because driving in large cities can be a nightmare. Sitting in traffic jams can be a real petrol guzzler! Would you rather sit in a traffic jam or get around on a bus that can use special bus lanes to get around? I know what I would choose.

If you are leaving your car on the driveway or in a garage and rarely using it. You can save more money by taking a look at your insurance premium. You can save money by buying car insurance for a car you rarely drive, but you will need to keep an eye on the number of miles that you drive.

Enjoy A Stress Free Time On Public Transport

Driving is stressful, there is no doubt about that! People cut you up, pedestrians step into the road without looking and if you are in a bad mood, road rage takes over. Whereas if you use public transport, you don’t need to get stressed as it isn’t you behind the wheel. You don’t get frustrated about how badly people are driving because you can’t really see the traffic as much.

You basically get on the bus and relax, or catch up with some work that needs doing. If I have to take a train or bus anywhere, I use that time to catch up on my emails on my phone. That gives you more time at work for other jobs. If you don’t need to catch up on emails, then you could read a book or pop your earphones in to listen to music. However, you spend this stress-free time, make sure you enjoy it.

Staying Safe By Using Public Transport

The last reason why public transport is better than a car is that it is often safer. How many times have you driven home with your mind on autopilot and not remembered which way you drove? That is a sure way to be involved in an accident. But on public transport, you don’t need to worry about that. When you are tired too, it is so much better to get public transport home so you can sleep. Falling asleep at the wheel of a car can cause a major accident, it’s not worth the risk. Falling asleep on public transport means you will just snore in public.

Although using a car is so convenient, there are so many good reasons why public transport is better than a car. Would you think about making the change? Maybe you could make a new year resolution to do it.

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