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Pulse Light Clinic has 20 years of expertise in laser and skin treatments for everyone! They have three branches in London, based in the City of London, Fenchurch Street and Tottenham Court Road, with plans to expand very soon.


Following the most recent announcement that the beauty sector is to resume in April, the clinic has seen a rise in demand to book in for Laser Hair Removal and Coolsculpting.

Although you require a full course of laser hair removal treatment for up to 80% hair reduction, many clients report a reduction of hair growth and finer hairs after a few treatments. If you are looking to book in for laser hair removal, they are offering free phone consultations. With plans to fully resume business in April, you can get in two or three treatments before the summer. After the first laser hair removal treatment, your hair will develop back as normal, but after two to three weeks, you will notice hairs begin to shed. After the third treatment, clients report scattered regrowth and note they don’t have to use their razor frequently.

The second in-demand treatment here is CoolSculpting, generally known as fat-freezing, which is great for stubborn fat. During your free consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan and the number of CoolSculpting applicators. This will vary depending on every individuals’ body goals. In most instances, clients will require as little as one treatment and will see up to 25% fat reduction 12 weeks post-treatment.

Pulse Light Clinic has a range of aesthetic and doctor-led treatments available to aid with various conditions, including acne scars, melasma, pigmentation, anti-ageing, and more. You can discover more information on the Pulse Light Clinic website and book a free phone consultation with one of their senior practitioners for your bespoke treatment plan.

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