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Please note this is a guest post and I have not myself tried Quicklotz.

I get it, I mean it’s completely understandable why you think that this mystery box thingy is completely fake since we’ve been fooled far too many times when we spend our hard-earned money on these mystery boxes.

But well, humans are curious and greedy creatures, so it’s obvious that we’ll try these things against our better judgment, but there are even higher chances of buying Mystery boxes from Quicklotz if we have a particularly stubborn wife and that’s what happened in my case. 

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What is Quicklotz?

I have no idea how she stumbled across Quicklotz mystery boxes, but it definitely stole her heart, which is obvious since these mystery boxes offer some pretty good merchandise.

She did her entire research within 60 seconds of checking the mystery boxes and showed up near me acting all cute and shy; I knew within seconds that a storm was approaching and that my wallet was going to suffer a massive blow.

So I told her straight up No, and she throws herself at me (y’all ever wanna see a grown-up woman acting like a kid? Get married). 

She proceeded to show me those Quicklotz mystery boxes while clinging to me, so I was forced to check them out and I got to admit that the offers were pretty cool, especially in the Electronics mystery box (which definitely wasn’t the one she wanted to purchase).

Although all of the mystery boxes were interesting, they left me sceptical since they came for such low prices, and even the boxes themselves said that we were paying $2.95 per item. If you read a little more in the description, you’ll find that most of these items are shelf pulls/warehouse-damaged products; which makes it obvious that you won’t receive too many products in good condition. 

I tried to make my stubborn wife understand that but no! She just won’t listen, since she wouldn’t listen till I brought what she wanted. So I decided to teach her a lesson and made a bet that if the box doesn’t arrive or arrives with too broken items, she has to listen to me and wear an “I was wrong” T-shirt, pretty good bet eh?

What are the different box options?

Now Quicklotz offers 4 options other than the affordable $295 Mystery box namely:- 

Electronics mystery box

Price – $350

As its name suggests everything in this box is related to electronics, like cameras, speakers, chargers, headphones, phones, tablets, etc. You’ll get 30 items in this mystery box and the retail value per item is $20 or higher. 

Real Jewellery Mystery Box

Price – $440

This 20 items box contains necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, piercing, etc. And the average retail value per item is $200 Or higher! 

Phone cases mystery box

Price – $250

This mystery box is the second cheapest after the affordable mystery box and of course, it consists of phone and tablet cases, screen guards, arm cases, and other accessories. The retail value per box is over $2500! 

Mystery Plus+ box

Price – $300

After the Affordable Mystery Box, this one was pretty exciting too, as it was a real surprise what we’ll get in this box. It consists of electronic items (from cameras to shavers), kitchenware, toys, accessories, etc. The retail value per item is around $15 or more. 

What selection did we get from Quicklotz?

The lady wanted the jewellery box and the apparel box which cost $440 and $325 respectively but I somehow managed to coax her into giving it a test run before buying expensive ones so we went ahead and ordered the mystery box which costs $240. 

While ordering I bet that it won’t arrive and I nearly whooped in joy and put on my best “I told you so” face when it didn’t arrive within a week or two after the purchase. But it did arrive, it arrived towards the end of the third week and spoilt my happiness while it made my wife rather happy. 

It was a large box which I was tasked with lifting and carrying to the kitchen; upon opening and counting, the box consisted of exactly 100 packages in it and the majority of the merchandise (around 65%) was in good condition. And surprisingly, we even received 1 product that cost about as much as the whole box (was a Bluetooth speaker.)

The box had lots of weird things like toys, origami paper, room freshers, jewellery (Sterling silver), shirts, cologne, cutlery, sunglasses, and lots of other things that we haven’t gone through all of them yet. 

But since the Box arrived, we’ve realised a lot of things, including its advantages which are quite a few, like:-

  1. You get a varied range of merchandise.
  1. In these boxes, you can get a lot of useful and reliable stuff like vitamins, electronics, toys, sporting goods, home decor goodies, utensils, and even baby-care products.
  1. There are 100 products in the box! 
  1. You can make double profits if you decide to sell them. 
  1. It can come in handy if you have too many people to give gifts to during Christmas.
  1. Since Quicklotz gets their merchandise from reliable sites like Premium GM, Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, and a few others–you can have great stuff for cheap. 

7. You can get at least 1 item that can cost about as much as the whole box. 

Since the purchase, I’ve changed my opinion about buying Quicklotz Mystery box but not completely, I’m still a tiny bit sceptical about purchasing Mystery boxes, but I’ll like to do it once more which I will have to since I’d promised my lady that I’ll purchase the Jewellery mystery box; now let’s hope next time again we get such a good deal. 

I sincerely hope that this review was useful to you, mystery boxes can be absolutely fun, but some greedy sellers charge a lot and give broken items in return, which completely spoils the fun. If you ever find a reliable Mystery box seller like Quicklotz which is one of the best wholesale liquidation companies in the USA, give it a try (only after thorough research). 

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